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    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    Presenting my embarrassingly makeshift setup. My uni setup is much more impressive, so I might get to that later (after holidays).

    1. Macbook, held together with bits of tape.
    2. Sumi block & ink stick etc.
    3. Plank which my desk top rests on, to give a bit of angle.
    4. Lamp!
    5. Filthy brush water (also used for mixing the sumi)
    6. Tin of watercolour paints.
    7. Brushes, magical brushes.
    8. Other ink and some white gauche for touchups/highlights.
    9. Rhino shaped eraser for decoration.
    10. Piles of old artwork and other piles of crap.

    Note: Desk positioned in that corner because I'm a lefty and it keeps the light coming from the right angle.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    You people are incredibly NEAT. I hate you all.
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    I am completely fascinated by this thread.
    Thank you all for sharing.
    Is there a book or website with "famous" artist's work spaces?
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    @kperkins - Do you mean "neat" as in "interesting" or "neat" as in "fastidious"? Because I'm certainly one and not at all the other.

    Actually I'm neither. Pedantic maybe.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2011
    @rickiep00h: I mean fastidious, and, I saw the picture of your space. You're one of them.

    But seriously, I love you guys, and I can't create without a mess. Most everyone here has wonderfully neat spaces (I mean that in both ways, this time), which totally amaze me.
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    This is the LAIR, aka MANCAVE. It's located at the bottom of the garden, about 80 feet from the house. It's surrounded by trees, and invisible on Google Earth. In winter, the garden floods, so I have my own moat. There's a covered terrace outside with wicker chairs. I like my cave.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011 edited
    Nice one!
    This is my desktop a while ago, when a German colleague posted a similar challenge. It hasn't changed much since, so I'll use that instead of messing around with that camera, if that's alright.

    My desktop a while ago

    So, let's see how much I remember...

    1. My special Conny Van Ehlsing notebook, with scripts, outlines, sketches and all that for the comic I was working on at that moment (6).
    2. My keyboard.
    3. Then-new graphics tablet. Hadn't used it much then, use it a lot now. (See 6.)
    4. Trackball. Boring. Let's move on.
    5. Stuff that doesn't belong on a desk, but, hey, it's my desk. CDs, matches, tissues, a tangerine and brown sugar (in the back).
    6. The page I was working on. Recently, I started just pencilling a bigger thumbnail and inking it online with 3., but that's just an experiment. So it could still look like that any day.
    7. Tea mug. Important.
    8. I think that's my headset. So I was probably expecting a call.
    9. Twitter. Nowadays, it could just as well be Facebook. Also, you don't see it, but the mp3 player is playing some comic- or writing-related podcast.
    10. Additional drawing material. Pencils and felt pens and stuff in the mug, brushes and nibs on the very practical self-made pen and nib display.
    11. Where's 11? Oh, up there. That's a cover I'd been working on. I sometimes put current stuff up at that wall and leave it there until something new comes up.
    12. Dictionaries.
    13. All the older notebooks I've filled since I started making comics again in the nineties. I like to keep them at hand because I'm still not done with everything in there.
    14. The usual stuff you'd expect on a comic artist's desk: Two pencils, a brush pen, a ruler and such.

    Actually, the pictures I made after pulling the shades were better, but smaller. You can see them here, and if you can read German, read about them.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2011 edited
    Feel funny labeling most of this stuff; I have very un-impressive gear, just whatever gets the job done...

    1. MAC G4 Laptop, for email and travel/workshops/lectures.
    2. Top secret "GET THIS SHIT DONE NOW" lists!
    3. Top secret PostIt notes!
    4. Old school cork board of inspirations.
    5. Criminally now under-used drawing table. Every book I've done up to now has been drawn on this same table.
    6. Stack of FIELD NOTES awaiting use.
    7. Fan (too cheap to get central air in house, now cursing this decision)

    1. Dual screens. Once thought to be a luxury, now essential. Soon to upgrade.
    2. Mac G5, loaded to the gills.
    3. Wacom Intuos tablet. True love.
    4. Small scanner.
    5. Back up hard drive. Upgrading soon.
    6. Land line and answering machine, because I'm still a luddite at heart. Answering machine still has first phone message from Thomas Dolby on it.
    7. High class nudie art.
    8. Sketchbooks from past and present.
    9. Graphic novels and comics for reference, toys, Pantone books, overflow CD collection.

    Detail of bookshelves crammed with manga, graphic novels and all manner of other crap.
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    r1 r2



    There were two other photos of research, one included a cane sword and the other an R2D2 cooler, and more comics and NerdVDs but these two were sufficient. Yes that is a map in wallpaper form and yes that is a Bone Machine LP, the comic art is from Don Kramer's Detective Comics 824 where there is a bottle of Beamish Bourbon.

    The computer is a POS, Intel Pentium Processor T2060 (1M Cache, 1.60 GHz, 533 MHz FSB) with 958mb of ram. Intel lists the Proc as End of Life. They did not plan on Linux Mint revitalising it.
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    Alan you pull up that naked Si Spurrier portrait for inspiration just like I do?!
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    As you can see the workspace of a non-illustrator is no less complex and fine-tuned than an illustrator's. Mine transforms.

    Coffee mode

    1. Huzzah

    Take-out mode

    Izze ought to be paying me money for that seriously refreshing-looking type of lighting I put on their fancy bottle with the bumhole logo.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011
    Re: Izze logo: Well, I didn't see it before, but I SURE do now...
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2011 edited
    I know and that's why they need to adopt the slogan I keep mailing to them: "Izze - We'll fruit you up."

    then a creepy elf sticks an empty bottle into an orange. sparkles everywhere. refreshment
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    My Desk

    Here is my own personal Vault of Horrors. I'm realizing now after looking over everyone's work spaces that perhaps I should have tidied up before shooting photos. Anywho, here at my desk you shall notice:

    1) My inspiration skull. It's the first skull I owned, he's been with me for a while now.
    2) The lamp, illuminating my horrors as I scribble them in the night.
    3) My newest skull, why two skulls? The better question is why not!
    4) Recent scribblings/also the most likely area of my desk to be clear of stuff at any given time.
    5) Yes, that is Jesus being eaten by zombies. It's my own version of 'The Last Supper'.
    6) Vintage pencil sharpener, I enjoy it because it reminds me of a meat grinder.
    7) Lots and lots of markers. You'll notice a definite absence of any sort of technology, this isn't because I don't want it, it's mostly because I can't afford it. My computer is mostly used for watching Netflix and...ahem.. other stuff. So it's markers for me!
    8) Toy corpses and killers
    9) The most recent children's book I illustrated, 'I Wanna Bee an Author', now available on Amazon!
    10) Best not to look under there.
    11) Tape.....for taping!
    12) Other framed scribblings, some mine, some from artists I've met or talked to who were nice enough to give me some of their work to drool over and be inspired.
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    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    @anthonyofkazoo: Oh, thank the mighty squid! Another artists who works in chaos! (and do I spie another small skull in amongst the toys of #8?
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    The mess of millinery!

    This is one corner of the mess that is the workroom. It is usually pretty clean but i just finished a HUGE batch of hats for an event and haven't gotten around to cleaning up.
    A) Pain Fairy wand (*thwack* "ding")
    B) unfinished/unassembled pirate hat
    C) Idea box (cut out all the pieces i need for a hat and put them in the box)
    D) Fabric and ribbon from another hat I didn't get to make
    E) Broken sewing machine (that is number 4) i now ONLY use industrial singers built no later than the 1940's
    F) Heavy weave buckram, wool felt and french fabric ream
    G) Copious amounts of fabric stacked on two shelves (other shelf obstructed with extra ironing table)
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    @kperkins: It is indeed a small skull mixed among the corpse toys. I've just always enjoyed them, mostly due to their association with zombies and the like. Also, I love working in chaos, it's the only way I can find what I'm looking for. Thanks for the comment!