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    @Rachel - very cool!!!

    Hello Whitechapel

    "We watched our friends grow up together
    And we saw them as they fell
    Some of them fell into Heaven
    And some of them fell into Hell"

    It's now Sunday morning. I'm in a flat in Cambridge, the guy upstairs is belting out opressive gangsta rap that seems to be focussed entirely on murdering hos and bitches.

    Have gone away for the weekend to stay with a friend who I hadn't seen for 18 months. I'd walked out on him previously as his drinking had become horrific and upsetting to the degree that I felt I could no longer be around it and couldn't help any more - was extremely shocked to find out that the last time I saw him he'd been fairly close to death from it (which was the catalyst for sorting things out). He seems to have really turned things around though and seems happier and healthier than I've seen him in 10 years. Other mutual friends haven't been so lucky and are still wrecking themselves but I'm just pleased and relieved that someone at least has come out the other side.

    We've just drunk coffee and talked, and am going back to my family later this morning. Feels like a bit of an lull in the storm though - there's so much going on, work is totally relentless, am going to have to log in and catch up later, I can't see any respite at all until September. Have a day off tomorrow as I'm going to an appointment with my partner and am already fretting about how much needs doing on Tuesday.

    Eldest daughter is doing really well though - she had a vocal solo in a play the other week which she sang beautifully (dead shocked, given the caterwauling that usually takes place in the house) and she's auditioning for more. Middle child is apparently in the doghouse for calling Mother In Common Law a 'fat pig'. Which I might somehow get blamed for. Youngest child is still a cute bundle.

    Creatively, am full of musical ideas but with no time whatsoever to execute them. Which is frustrating. The rubbish summer so far has stilted my garden and all my vegetables have so far come to nothing - doubling the frustration because I devoted so many weekends to planting and potting when I could have been making music.

    Tonight though, I'm going out with my partner, the first time we'll have been out together for two years, so I'm looking forward to that.

    Peace to all.

    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011
    It's Sunday morning here in Maine. I've made my first cuppa coffee. (I have an Aeropress that I bought a month ago, and I'm loving the coffee it's making. I'll probably never go back to drip coffee.)

    So here's me working on a pose for the comic.


    Actually been a decent week, despite it raining here all week, and weekend. The wife got a new (daytime) position at her job. Yeah!!! Now, with any luck she'll be able to sleep properly, and not be tired and grumpy all the time.
    Some asshole ran into my parked car the other night, while the kids were out to a beach swimming. Scraped up the rear quarter panel, and bent the rim on the tire. We couldn't get that tire off to put on the spare (Hyundai's are notorious for this say my mechanic brother-in-law), so it needed to be towed, and I still don't know the extent of the damage, hoping it's just the tire rim, and cosmetic. Today, my allergies are killing me, I hate not being able to breathe with out weezing.

    Ambition: Finish "A Wicked Little Town", and move on to something else. I have plans, and stuff that I'm working on in my (limited) spare time. "Wicked" should be finished in August sometime, and then I need to color it for the print edition, and then I'm free until Glover hacks out the sequel (or is it prequel), which may be a while, since he's a busy, busy man at this point.

    Thank you Warren, for another SNOM, and for letting us vent to you.
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    This week I attended a poetry slam and a zine launch, saw Simon Munnery, learned my (extremely conventional middle-class) dad once tried heroin, got hassled on my skateboards by cops who wanted to see me kickflip, accidentally mortally offended a good friend, had a long piece on the place of dancing within punk rock published on a popular ezine (to a mixture of warm praise and angry prescriptivist-feminist ranting) and ate a burrito in 43 seconds to become the fastest burrito eater in Bristol, Reading and Oxford combined (possibly the UK).

    It's been a pretty strange, but good, week, all told.
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    so, my saturday night postmortem:
    work, bar one (too packed), bar two (empty, walked in at last call),beer, bar three, beer, bar four, beer, steak, back to bar one, beer, drive to bar five, beer, cuba libre, cheese fries, coca cola, sunrise, drive to near bar two, two hours of taking pictures while walking roughly two miles, internal plotting for the future, drive home, internet.

    I know, my life is absolutely thrilling.

    random photo I took with my phone, since laptop can't efficiently process the RAW files from my main camera:

    i guess that's it.
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011
    Cheers razrangel, and to fellow birthday-ers.

    And for the record, no the Book Festival website was not helpful, nor was the phone line, but the people at the physical ticket getting place were after a couple hours.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.