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    For its July 14th edition, The Outer Church explores the derelict spaces of urban folklore with the first UK screening of contemporary uncanny masterpiece Marble Hornets (Season One). To date the most accomplished and acclaimed product of the Slender Man mythos, this immersive DIY phenomenon has spawned several imitations and attracted praise from revered film critic, Roger Ebert.

    The musical segment of the event promises to be equally compelling. Sinneslöschen is a live collaboration between Astrud Steenhouder aka Paper Dollhouse (newly signed to Bird/Finders Keepers) and Bound Toy of Old Apparatus (DEEP MEDi) taking in dryad psychedelia, desolate drone and electromagnetic interference, conjuring nightmares out of thin air.

    Between the sidewalk and the woodland, The Outer Church prepares for the arrival of The Operator.

    Tickets £5 in advance from WeGotTickets:

    Komedia Brighton, 14th July, 7.30pm

    Arrive promptly for full immersion

    Art & Design by James R Moore @ Lysergic Earwax