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    Kerri Finlayson was one of my teachers at NCMC; and taught the first class I took there when I was a wee, dual-enrolled highschooler. She's also one of the most intelligent people I have met, and is very kind, and thoughtful.

    Right now she's biking across Africa on a trip from Jan 12- May 10.

    Check out her blog:

    Lots of pictures, including pictures of camels (living and dead). Huzzah, Camels!

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    Yes, I'm pimping out my old teacher's blog. :> Some of you might enjoy it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2008
    What an adventure - would be jealous, but bike-butt is not something i strive towards.

    Thanks for the link!
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    that looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I've often thought about doing a lengthy ride.