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    Hi all. I'm currently working on the first issue of what I'm loosely terming an ongoing series called The Hero Code. It has a beginning a middle and an end, but there is room for lots of story on that journey. I've plotted around 30 issues, have scripts for 9 completed, and lots of characters designed and ready to go. More can be found here.

    I'm also running a kickstarter campaign to help get the first issue completed.

    A few questions to discuss -

    1. Can indie comics sustain ongoing? There are a handful of webcomics which serve as "long form graphic stories" and a few indie books which put out more than the usual 4-6 issues, but can they really be ongoing? Is it possible to use the mainstream storytelling techniques in the indie world, or best not to try to match them?

    I think it can be done, just at a much slower rate than the big publishers. Using Webcomics, or the model of a page or more a week, to sustain interest may be key. It may not be totally sustainable at first, but longevity can help - as can, obviously, quality!

    2. How do people feel about Kickstarter?

    Anyone who doesn't know - Kickstarter is a crowd-funding service, used to help start up artistic projects. It has a pretty good comics section, and some amazing stuff has been funded through the service. Is it just another means of finding an audience? Does it focus a search to find new stuff? Is it possible to weed out the quality? Do you use it? Enjoy it as a community?

    I find it quite interesting. As a backer, I have managed to get some great books from there. As a campaigner, it really helped to focus my attention on the book, the content, the marketability of it - something which I think has been lacking in a lot of indie titles. The ease of low-risk publishing (web and POD services) has removed some of the need to self-edit. In the past having to pony up for a print run of a book probably made a lot of people stop and think about there titles. In a way, I think this makes the creator have to think about there book in the same way. It also helps for people to realize that comic books aren't cheap to make, and take time and the efforts of a lot of people!


This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.