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    (eeep. moving right along.)

    OLDHAT - She's been getting a lot of praise here, and with good reason. She's one of a number of folks from this hive whose art I have on my wall. A very good photographer, and getting better all the damn time. She's also into food and beer, and combinations thereof, so it's all good in my books. I also owe her a piece of music, and I'm quickly running out of excuses. (Oh hey, idea approaching. Yes. This'll work. Cool.)

    (Speaking of good shutterbugs, ALLANA, COOP, FC, JOANNELEAH, JON CARPENTER and RACHAEL FOX keep rocking my boat on a regular basis.)

    GINJA - I've become a disgustingly shabby reader, but I do my damndest to see what Will is up to. Again, here's a fella who's improving his game by leaps and bounds.

    ODA - Seriously, she's like our official mascot ever since crashing through the door balancing a pineapple on her head.

    BRIANMOWREY - All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio. Yes.

    ORWELLSEYES - I miss him (and TECHNOCRATJT) everytime people are talking politics here.

    ICELANDBOB - Legend. I'd like to meet him, but I fear I may be too weak to handle it all.

    KERNOWDRUNK - aka Kemper Norton, maker of delightfully singular music.

    Then there's the whole IRC crew, a number of whom I feel a spookily strong bond. CASSOWARIES and I share the same alpha wave frequency.
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    I'm not active on here nearly as much as I'd like to be, and never seem to have either the time or the 3g signal (yeah, screw you very much, Vodafone) to join the IRC, but admire a hell of lot of the people here. This comes with the standard omission disclaimer as I am tired and mentally incontinent...

    Photographers - Oldhat, Rachael Fox, COOP, Joanne Leah, V (though she hasn't been here for a bit?), TheWaltonsAre, Florence Chan - and I really love Bankara's self portraits.

    General Purpose Coolness comes from Ginja, Andre, Oda, Trini, Rootfireember, Britannica, Cat Vincent, Sneak046, Oddcult, Finagle, ChrisG. Iceland Bob is some sort of Scots-Viking god.

    Loads of art people

    Music people - Taphead, Texture, Ian Holloway. Kernowdrunk is a meatspace friend and very lovely and brilliant. You're all lovely.
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    ok i am drunk... lets sort out who is who (and this will take me ages..)

    SO far i've only met 3 people from Whitehaple. DENARI, N00GIES and someone else who i can*t remember...

    †3X†UR3 - A weird faced rapping god from edingburgh who has realised the delights of Witch House and has had his rapping brain melted by overloading synths...

    TAPHEAD - This man is dangeous! he is from Finland and he will lull you into a false sense of security wwith his weird Finnish ways and his superior ambient based guitar music...

    KERNOWDRUNK - this man is from Cornwall. His music is a weird hauntological blend of beats and whirrs. Oh, and he's from Cornwall as well, but i wouldn't hold that against him...

    JOE.DISTORT - You want PROPER MUSIC????? this man is the true fount of all hardocre and proper punk music. As in the words of a certain Mr Elluis after he heard one of his bands "I AM NOW AWAKE! YES!"

    NIGREDO - He is my goto guy for things that re weird and that i go "what is that? i've never heard that before!"

    IAN "CAT" VINCENT - I am a rational man, but thids man is your true modern magus and ha turned my head to interesting works and ideas. I so want to get drunk with him.

    WILL ELWOOD- a man of letters, sci-fi and ideas. If i have and idea about music and writing it, i wlil run it by him first...

    SNEAK046 - Steve is DA MAN! have shared some good times with him online and i hope to meet him in a couple of weeks....

    ANDRE NAVARRO - for his brilliant comics and his all round "the world is trying to kill me" demeanour...

    CHRIS G - this man produces space shark. I have on idea what it's about 76% of the time. Oh, and he knows loads about wrestling...



    OK, the following ladies, if my missus was to suffer a horrible accident and leave me a widow (just sayin'), i would woo them and ask their hand in marriage (or failing that, a highly intense psycho-sexual relationship that would involve being tied up...)

    ODA - A Brazen woman who is in need of a decent person in her life..

    OLDHAT - Top Canuck photographer and all round amazon

    BRITANNICA - She is a total doll and deserves a massive big up!

    ARGOS - A proper punk princess

    RACHÆL TYRELL - She does loads of art, but my heart goes out to her with her health issues, Has posted numerous pictueres of her nude on this forum!

    DORKMUFFIN - A woman of high art total conviction, and a lovely nose ring!

    RAZRANGEL - This woman is a total doll!


    These people always lurk around and provie valuable sustenance...


    there are so many other people but right now i'm punching myself in the face so i may not remember you all...
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    My handful of cents on some of the fair people of Whitechapel:

    Oldhat - Beer Mistress without peer. Excellent photographer. If rumours are to be believed she is slightly taller than myself, which is no small feat (haha). I believe she may in fact be a valkyrie merely pretending to be a Canadian.

    Oddbill - Has an uncanny ability to cause ladyquakes in the SPIT. Knows where more of the good drinking spots in L.A. are than I do. Has an awesome view from his apartment (when my exile in Phoenix ends I hope to have a similar one).

    MikiM - She'll bite you. But not very hard. Tequila makes her sick but she'll drink absinthe straight. Quick with a dick joke.

    Rachael Tyrell Fox - Is a being of light and shadow and occasional heartbreak. Founding member of the Doom Heart Club, but she may be moving out of our ranks. Another amazing photographer (I keep forgetting to buy her book. I should correct that). Whovian. Tops my list of persons I want to hang with if I ever visit New York again.

    razrangel - Mad busy gal. Theatre stage manager (I think? I hope I got that right), aspiring voice actress, learning japanese (I really think so).
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    Let's see...
    GOVERNMENTSPY tried out for a TV show.

    Paul Sizer does some amazing art.

    Old Hat does great photos.

    Neila is some dork that posts from time to time and is afraid of everyone. ( Please don't ban me. ;A; )
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    There are a few people with whom I keep up an ongoing communication. They don't know it, but I do.

    †3X†UR3: Enthusiastic online purveyor of music and some of us lesser-known writers' work, as well as east-coast weird-job who refuses to come through to Glasgow to hang out with me.

    Oldhat: Crazy Amazon who wields soul-stealing devices to devastating effect. And, apparently, enjoys the odd tipple from time to time.

    icelandbob: An odd fellow-Scot who felt it necessary to move somewhere colder in order to suck the alcohol out of the ice. There's talk that he writes things too.

    Rooth: High in the mountains of Canada, sitting atop a pile of dead bears who scribbles things of weep-educing beauty onto anything within arms-reach.

    NeilFord: Creator of twisted imagery. It's rumoured (by me, just now) that he may torture cats to get his inks.

    Seantaclaus: Another one of those people compelled provide the world with pretty images. I think he's up to something.

    Moali: He's provided me with some dark and striking imagery, which is amazing considering he seems to spend most of his time drinking tea.

    There are others, but I already feel I've said too much.

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    My list

    Will Couper








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    Hmm...I haven't been here long. I stumbled into this place through Fell, got captivated by the Weird Biology info-dump but stayed for the art...and I'm still here.
    So the art fiends that inspire me and make me want to do better. Disclaimer: I've not met anyone here out in the world or even chatted to anyone. I'm basing this purely on teh drawings.
    Paul skills supreme. drawing skills with awesome texture!! Texture, dammit!
    Kevin Mellon...Awesome sketchy inks and sequencials. Also does awesome foreshortening shots.
    Rooth...old school traditional drawing skills. Solid, so solid.
    Hey Apathy...Another traditional based artist. very unique visual style and concepts. I never get sick at looking at his buildings/urban stuff. high output as well.
    Valente...brushwork to die for. Thick, chunky and dark.
    gah, running out of words. I wish I had more time to actually peruse the rest of this forum then I'd probably have a longer list.
    ps: Oddbill, Kyle Latino and Used Bandaid and Oldhat also rock.
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    People I want to meet from Whitechapel but haven't gotten around to yet

    ICELANDBOB -obviously, he's the Coolest Guy Around.
    ODA - long had a crush on her
    DIELLO- see above
    DORKMUFFIN - ibid
    ROOTH - not only is he Canadian, that fucker can draw!
    SIZER - design God
    ANDRE - I enjoy his film reviews, his trenchant commentary and his sense of humour. His webcomic rocks.
    CHRIS G - SPAAAACE SHAAARRRK!!! I am still eagerly awaiting Space Shark plushies.
    LOONEYNERD - Now, there's a guy I could kill a bottle of scotch with while we refight the First World War.
    GINJA - he can drive a car, you know. Just not very well, kinda like Toonces The Cat That Can Drive A Car.
    ORWELLEYES - I hope he's well and I miss him terribly. He classed the joint up a lot.
    ARIANA - I once spelled her name wrong and couldn't sit down for a week. Also, I have a massive crush on her and am glad she hasn't killed me yet.
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    there are many great people here. the people i'd shout out have been shouted at length.

    there are some i miss,gekko, stsparky and andre i haven't seen around (although andres twitter arguments with oldhat are amazing) in a long time.

    the few skype movie nights helped me connect with some of the top notch people here and i know i'll miss everyone here if/when i feel i no longer mesh.

    everyone has grown as part of whitechapel in insane and wonderful ways

    ETA: and spiraltwist, orwelleseyes, zoetica, trotsky, haven't seen magnus in ages.... *sigh*
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    Round 2: People I've met from here.

    The aforementioned CASSOWARIES is not alone in sharing my musical wavelength. NIGREDO was another awesome guy to meet face to face, and we had a disconcerting tendency to finish each others' sentences. Jazz, experimental, prog rock, he's yer go-to-guy.

    VERTIGOJONES is one incredibly dapper chap, but don't let that fool you into thinking he won't go on UrbEx jaunts in a snazzy suit. He has a delightfully random selection of knowledge from rather surprising fields.

    PINTSIZEDCAT I only saw for a pint, but he's a total mensch. Also takes lovely pictures of clouds above London.

    JESS know history and was much more at home with Finnish flora and fauna than I will ever be. Get her in a cafe with someone else who likes making faces and it. will. never. end.
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    Damn. I just want to write that everyone here is just interesting and awesome and super and all that jazz. Really. You're all a bunch of great people.

    He's the sweetest little homicidal maniac you'll ever meet. :) Or: An incredibly talented artist, good mimic, charming and delightful.
    Hatter is a great photographer, holds all knowledge of beer, and she's a great conversationalist.
    Chris G-
    SPACE SHARK creator, and a generally amusing and playful fellow.
    Alan Tyson-
    Epic Skyper. Great at madlibs.
    Ginja -
    will one day write the great american novel, or a critique of it.
    One of those fellows that keeps the chat under control, and a great advisor in good ipad apps.
    An interesting, well-rounded fellow who needs to POST MORE. He knows a lot about backpacking, globe-trotting, and history.
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    er. um. durrr. me? Why me?


    GLUKAKKE: Amazing human who gave me a lifeline when I needed it terribly, and works like a motherfucker. Also, she has made networking an art form - though, being that she's an artist in the NYC art scene, maybe that's redundant to say.

    OLDHAT: Another fabulous human being who seems to like giving me more credit that I deserve, who is clever and funny and it's been wonderful to watch her successfully take on project after project with confidence and mad skillz.

    ICELAND BOB: He reeaaaally makes me want to visit Iceland, just so I can hang out with him. Seriously. I've looked into flight rates.

    ODAELISABETH: My compatriot in heartache and adventure and the occasional mental breakdown, but she's cuter, has a more exciting life, and has much nicer breasts.

    BRITANNICA: Has amazing eyes and I wish to photograph her someday.

    RAZANGEL: She just keeps at it, and it's impressive how much of herself she devotes to theatre and performance, and I'm envious of her attempt to leap into voice acting.

    SEANTACLAUSE: A constant feed of robot drawings and AMAAAAZING food porn.

    ANDRENAVARRO: A wonderfully warm human being, a true friend, an amazingly devoted worker to his craft (be it webcomics drawn with a fucking mouse, movie reviews, novels, comics, film) and a future expatriot.

    GEKKO: His aesthetic sense is amazing, his walls are colors of joy, and his love life is adorable.

    GINJA: Smart and clever and ... just really fucking smart and clever. Oh, and with enviable hair. Ooooh, how I envy his hair.

    MADSWINTHER: What a stand up fellow. He's been quite good to me, and he's ripped himself out of doom, which is always something to applaud.

    ARGOS: Sexy and smart and slinky and I really like her voice and personal style.

    YSKAYA: Is a wonderful artist, and I have to say, I just love her face.

    JOANNELEAH: Is a photographer of strange sexuality, and I've been deeply desiring a collaboration with her, foiled only by my own chaotic relationship with time.

    V: A fabulously sexy scientist. It doesn't get better than that.

    BANKARA and ALLANA: Two fabulous and stylish photographers who I wish I knew better and could hang out with.

    MISSSPITE: Has fabulous taste, and the time that she devotes to creativity puts me to shame.

    Have I forgotten anyone? I may have. I've not been around here as much as I used to, and my memory is shit. You are all pretty fabulous human beings. Clearly this is true, as you can see by the ridiculous amount of times I've used the word "fabulous" in my descriptions. (writer FAIL).
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    I don't know where to start on this one, and even if I did I wouldn't know where to end. The list below will inevitably fail to mention everyone I'd like to mention. So randomly and incoherently I introduce:

    ROOTFIREEMBER - One of my first friends in this community, Roo is absolutely lovely. She loves drawing, gasmasks and kittens. She is as cute as she sounds. Even when she's wearing a gasmask. Especially when she's wearing a gasmask.

    OLDHAT - A photographer of immense talent (seriously, she's a genius) and great sense of humor, Robin can identify a beer by its smell from five miles away.

    GINJA - A science-fiction connoisseur and writer, Ginja's hair is lengthy enough to lasso a fucking buffalo and still have enough left to make a decently-sized wig.

    MADSWINTHER - He's awesome. We've been practicing insults on each other since we've met. But he's been getting soft in his old age. HEAR THAT, POOPYHEAD? WHAT, CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE AFTER ARSEFUCKING YOU?

    ICELANDBOB - was too mad for Scotland so they sent him to Iceland and now fifteen volcanos have exploded. He's a music journalist. I'm happily listening to this right now.

    RACHAEL TYRELL - Her photography shapes reality to its will. She can make anything look beautiful. Here's a picture she took of unspeakable slime that I hope she hasn't poisoned herself with, and it's somehow gorgeous. The fourth pic in this set is one of my all time favorite photographs. She is a wonderful artist and person. Much love, Rae.

    ANOPHELES - Excellent artist with a great knowledge of biology, particularly bugs. His spare time is one hour per month. He's working on a project that is absolutely insane in its complexity and I badly want to see it finished, if he manages to do so before his sanity shatters.

    TEXTURE - Musician, poet, writer and editor of WEAPONIZER, for which I've contributed a few stories. He's an incredibly nice guy. If you torn off his leg and beat him with it he'd still ask you to stop, please, if it's not too much of a bother.

    MISTER HEX - is cool. The Dude is based on this guy. He gets royalties and everything.

    ODAELISABETH - Cuuuuuuuute cutecutecutecutecutecute cuuuuuuuuuuuute. Clever and funny and also cute.

    PAUL SIZER - Amazingly talented designer, author of an excellent graphic novel and a great guy.

    DORKMUFFIN - Awesome artist with the curly hair to rule all curly hairs.

    ROOTH: One of the best draftsmen I've ever seen. The precision of his lines is unbelievable. And like Texture, he suffers from Extremely Nice Guy syndrome.

    V: I make Rachael's words my own: "A fabulously sexy scientist. It doesn't get better than that."

    YSKAYA: Again, I must echo Rachael: talented artist, gorgeous face. She and Edwin are awesome.

    GEKKO: Gekko is a great, larger-than-life kinda guy. The photographs I've seen by him or with him give me the impression he walks into a room and all the colors in it start having seizures.

    There's about five hundred other WCers I'd like to talk about. Everyone in this thread, for example, plus others who aren't, but I just don't have the time. I must stop here.

    For now.
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    I couldn't possibly say anything about anyone that hasn't already been said.

    They're good kids all and checking in on these boards is one of my favorite things to do everyday because of them.
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    I've not been here as long as some, but Govspy helped make me stay because his life is basically Crooked Little Vein except he has to live in it - keep writing, bloke, it's gripping - and Paul Sizer is a hell of an artist.

    Hey, here's an idea - if Mr Sizer were to illustrate said tales, I for one would buy the result. I'm just saying.
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    Hmm. Let's see.

    Bram, AKA Texture, who's name I refuse to do the silly type symbol for, sorry mate. He runs Weaponizer, as you've been told. Good guy. Need to have a beer with him at some point.

    Robin, AKA Oldhat, who is a marvelous photographer and a wonderful listener and I really need to buy her a beer some day.

    Andre, who disagrees with me about most things but is still a damn fine guy. I'd buy him a beer if they had such things in Brazil...

    Keith, my fellow miscreant and collaborator on A Wicked Little Town. With whom i shall consume beer if I ever make it back to Maine.

    Roo, who is just delightful and has promised me a picture of her in sparkles on Halloween. And there's just no excuse for me not having bought her a beer yet, as she only lives a couple of hours from me. Sigh.

    The Mighty Mike Rooth, who lives up where the beer is always cold and dRAWs really pretty pictures. Maybe he'll send me a cold beer....

    That's it for the moment, apologies to those I've forgotten to list, which is the very treachery of threads like this. Expecting my memory to work, bah.
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    Here's my totally unordered and random list of people who pop in mind when I think of Whitechapel.

    taphead - ...whom I know from the non internetty world, us having been pals from since late 90's, occasional roommates and playing in the same band. He's responsible for introducing me to Whitechapel - great musician and all around nice guy par excellence.

    Ginja - A very productive and encouraging writer guy, who together with taphead helped me kick my writers' block in the nads and actually try and more or less successfully manage to write fiction in English, for which I'm still very grateful.

    atavistian - Seems to mostly lurk on the irc side of things. The emergency dispatcher who's at least a painter and a writer, and full of interesting chatter about stuff like modern shamanism and fringe psychotherapy.

    Jess - ...whom I've had the honour to meet in real life when she visited Finland. A very smart and hot person with whom I've had really interesting conversations about botany, old manuscripts and, well, turtles. Can't go wrong with turtles.

    government spy - If you start a "let me tell an interesting story about my life" competition with this guy, I will bet against you.

    odaelisabeth - Our lady from Norway, who is cute as buttons and wrangles black metal bands for living (which is a perfectly respectable job in Norway - more like a public service up there).

    Paul Sizer - Everybody in the forum secretly wishes Paul would draw his or her picture. Or publicly and vocally.

    icelandbob - I think it's highly probable that the volcanic problems in Iceland were caused by this guy pogoing too hard in a club.

    oldhat - The Sardonic Photographer. I really enjoy her photos, not to mention the beer blog.

    Cassowaries - AFAIK mostly operates on the irc side of things. Absorbs languages like some extra-absorbant thing meant... for... languages... Often not safe for work.

    Becky - If you ever want to oppose The Man with a tank for purposes of anarchy, she's the one to ask for tips. Literally. Seems to operate on irc mostly.

    ...and a lot more. All in all, this is a great community of people who do shit, not just talk about it. Very damn inspiring and energizing.
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    Round 3: MUSIC.

    In addition all the folks I've already mentioned, these people deserve some extra attention.

    OFFTANDISCORD - Makes brilliant music ranging from droney doomy stuff to clangy field recording noise to medative ambient. Not only that, he also builds unique noise-making apparatuses. (I've been meaning to try and muster up the nerve to do a collaboration with him, but -- as they say on the internet -- bitches don't know about my crippling lack of self-confidence.)

    BRYCEMIDAS - Hasn't been around here in a while, but damn if he doesn't do this lofi folk thing like a champ. Also knows dive bars and food from pub nosh to haute cuisine.

    SONNY - Mild Maynyrd fills that void you didn't even know existed in your music library witha non-trivial combo of hiphop, ambient, industrial and post-rock. Aces, I tell you.

    TEXTURE - A one-man powerhouse. Makes sounds, fires rhymes, runs a record label, writes, and god knows what else. He's a reason to visit Edinburgh.

    (I'm pretty sure I've just made some really glaring omissions. Apologies, I assure you it's due to my memory being like a thing you drain pasta with.)
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    Oh jeebus I just started reading this and my day got a wee bit (or rather, a LARGE bit) shinier.

    IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (some people omitted because people before me said what I wanted to say):

    Mojokingbee — In my head, this is always read as "Mo Joking Bee" rather than Mojo King Bee. His dynamic, frenetic, and always a little out of control sketching is a pleasure to look at. TONS of drive and talent in this guy.

    Oldhat — This woman is a force to be fucking reckoned with. She's brilliantly talented but always humble (perhaps sometimes a little too humble...) and unwittingly commands the respect and admiration of pretty much everyone who has ever set foot in this forum. Rightfully so. She makes me wish I weren't allergic to beer even more than I already do.

    Oda — Valkyrie. Oda is a fucking Valkyrie, but she's our Valkyrie (or maybe Norwegian nymph? Who lives in fjords?). This means when people break her heart, we (ahem, Paul Sizer) take it upon ourselves to mercilessly mock them through art. Or words. Basically, Oda is a bouncing symbol of joy.

    Paul Sizer — Big Poppa Artsmith, boldly leading the flock (many of whom are rabid fans of his bright colors and sassy rendering skills) in a utili-kilt. Armed with a giant pencil. Soundtrack by Dolby.

    Argos — I have to admit, I, like many others here, am just a little bit in love with Argos. She looks like a cyberpunk/biopunk/dystopian-future-punk fertility goddess and gives off a distinct air of sweetness and wisdom at once. Also, she seems rather determined.

    Andre — Angsty Andre SPIT theme. Never before have so many looked angsty and topless for one man out of sheer love.

    JoanneLeah — Her photographs simply floor me. I absolutely count her among the photographers I look at for inspiration.

    OddBill — This man draws naked ladies. He draws them really well.

    There are more, to be added as I think of 'em. But right now, I'm on Dayquil and can't be trusted to think clearly.