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    It would be rude to not honour a number of the people here that I see as being the meat and bones of Whitechapel, which is home to a number of greatly talented and interesting individuals, which Warren has pulled toward himself like an artistic gasgiant. These people are among the other reasons to keep on Whitechapeling, and are listed in no order whatsoever, other than what my slightly glitchy brain will recall them in :

    Valente, Mojokingbee, Greasemonkey, Edwin, Paul Sizer, Jack Crowder, Harris-Ejaz, Ysaka, Lazarus, Rooth, Seantaclaus, Neilford. Fucking COOP! Artists of varying technique, skill and style, with one real crucial common aspect : Passion. These people have constantly shamed me with quality, quantity and invention of their work, and are massive, massive reason to come here alone.

    T3xtur3, and Icelandbob, Scots lads, Great wit and incredibly driven. I live in hope of one day meeting Bob and doing something resulting in arrest with his company. I'm not sure what fuel Bram runs on, but if he doesn't reach the stars, I'm sure the fireball he goes up in will light most of the Western Hemisphere.

    Spiraltwist and M1k3y without whom might die. I don't see much of them here anymore, but their tireless work on Grinding is greatly appreciated. I feel I have to mention WillowB100 the incredulously stylish Jon Wake, These people have taken the torch of speculative human futurity and run with it and it's been a big part of my interests here.

    Libby Bulloff , along with the lovely Lex Machina, Bankara and Katie West, Rachael Noel Fox, are all beautifully skilled photographers, Lex is a steampunk Goth fashionista that roams the US in a Pseudo-winnebago, with her indescribably handsome nomadic partner, for fucksake, If that's not a person worth keeping an eye on, I don't know what is.

    There's so many more people here that are worth meriting. Jeff Owens, who's updated his stonertacular webcomic every day for what seems an almost impossible length of time and is an awesomely nice guy. Andre Navarro, who's staggering moaniness is matched only by his almost indefagitable drive to work and his absolutely infalible dry humour, Oldhat, and her relentless pursuit of understanding booze, photography, writing and about 8 other things. The utterly quirky Rootfireember, Cat Vincent, west country battlemagus and and absolute necessity on Twitter, with a feed that never stops giving. Ginja and his unbound knowledge of books, writing and writers.

    Taphead and Oda, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting. Taphead is a man of incredible skill, and almost ridiculous humble nature given how talented he is, and Oda, who is even more charming and lovely than her presence here describes. Even the misty shower photo.

    And of course. Misat0, who is as delightful a mother to a slightly abstract future world dominator as I'm likely to meet.
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    Damn, I totally forgot to say that Sizer designed the awesome logo for my site, and did a comissioned portrait for me, and Andre (who is one of my all-time favourite artists) has designed logos and posters for me before... not to mention all the people who've contributed words / music... Sonny, Fauxhammer, Vert, Will to name a few. Pretty much all the creative people I know online come from this forum, it has been a huge deal for me as a web curator and as an artist.

    EDIT: I also love the Space Shark, and have the T-short to prove it. Bought tees from Winneganfake before... You guys basically clothe and entertain me. Without Whitechapel I'd be a) bored and b) naked from the waist up.
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    Thanks for the love, everyone who's mentioned me. Nice to know you appreciate my work.
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    @Greasemonkey, your work is lovely. Of course we appreciate it.
      CommentAuthorMild Maynyrd
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    Ian Holloway, Ginja/Will Ellwood, Dorkmuffin, COOP, Odd Bill, Finagle, Government Spy, Texture, Beamish, Warped Savant, Will Couper, Chris G, Iceland Bob, Yskaya, Osmosis, KPatrickGlover, Sneak046, Moali, Kemper Norton, Andre Navarro, Oldhat, Rachael Tyrell, Trini Naenae, John Carpenter, John Wake, FC, Allana, Neil Ford, Santaclaus, Fauxhammer, Paul Sizer, Sobreiro, Chainsaw Serenade, Jeff Owens, Taphead, Brandon Cyphered, Brittanica, Lemon Laser Betty, Rootfireember,, Kernowdrunk, Razrangel, Ren Thing, Outlaw Poet, MojokingBee, Greasemonkey, Oda Elizabeth, Rooth, Mister Hex, Sebfowler, James Cunningham, TF, Zoetica Ebb, Vornaskotti, Infomancer, Joe Distort, Dok101, Celan, Alastair...

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some obvious people, my apologies if I am. Gots to get going here now. Love Fuck you Whitechapel.


    *EDITED: For conciseness and... ya know, to avoid arse eels.
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    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww hugging thread

    i'm gonna meet a few of you Toronto WCers in a few weeks' time, so maybe we'll start a fight club or something.

    in the meantime, all the ladies in the photography thread blow my mind. Robin, Rachel, Joanne, Lex, those other ones i'm forgetting. yeah. amazing.

    Nigredo is my number-one source for amazing music, followed closely by Stoto and Bob - plus texture's got his finger of the ethereal pulse of witch house....

    i must of course mention my partner-in-crime, Oddbill, who collaborated with me in what i'm convinced is a great format if only we didn't have those pesky real lives gettin' in the way. Taphead, too, is (as already mentioned) a Dude of the highest order. aaand i will consider myself able to die happy once i've finally been Sizer-ized.

    also, Oda's hot.
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    As the game coder on a forum full of extremely talented artists I often feel a little like the odd-one-out, so thanks to *everyone* for never turning around and saying 'what the hell are YOU doing here?'
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    Mostly Rootfireember, Cat Vincent, allana, bob, taphead, m1k3y, spiraltwist, Brent Wilcox, ian holloway for me, for various reasons: music, art, weirdness, politics etc. I'm sure I'm forgetting some peeps though. Will update soon.
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    It says a lot about this place that most of the entries here sound like Oscar acceptance speeches. The music is fading in, the spotlight is shifting to stage left, and we're still at the podium thanking those who made this possible, forgetting names and apologizing. Too many excellent people to fit it all in.
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    *looks at own lack of creative skills whatsoever*
    *is awed doesn't get laughed out of the building*

    Thanks you guys, it means a lot to not get that 'piano-has-stopped-playing-and-everyone-is-looking-at-me' feeling whenever I've posted something here.
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    "Some Whitechapel'ers I even feel I know better than some of my friend-friends."

    Yeah, I get that too.
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    oh my, where to begin. First off, I agree that some whitechapelers I feel I know better than friend-friends. Everyone's amazing. I'm gonna forget some people here, so forgive me if I don't mention you. I will update as people come to mind.

    Oldhat, Dorkmuffin, Oda, and Rachael Fox were the four females who caught my eye when I first joined.

    Oldhat is super friendly gets along with everyone and I imagine if there was ever anyone she didn't like, they must be a horrible person with a foul soul. She's constantly working toward bettering herself and improving her skill sets, has killer taste in beer, and knows how to rock a camera.

    Dorkmuffin is a really cool gal with one of the best smiles I've ever seen, and has amazing hair. She knows how to wield a paint brush, so don't fuck with her.

    Oda is just the right balance of super adorable and METAL \m/

    Rachael Fox is super beautiful, takes amazing photos, and links to really cool artwork on her tumblr, which is definitely worth following.

    I really want to have an irl ladies night with these girls on day. We would KILL.

    Oddbill has amazing piercing green eyes and is popular with the ladies here. Like many in WC, he has great taste in beer, and is also a really good artist. He makes great conversation whether on WC or over twitter. We still need to meet.

    Thewaltonsare takes the best self-portraits I've seen. Also she has really cool Spider Jerusalem tattoos.

    Comicbookbunny makes really cool hats and has submitted some of the best poses to the Draw Each Other threads.

    Mojokingbee Makes really cool artwork out of poses from the Draw Each Other thread. He has an incredibly unique style.

    Icelandbob is the very definition of punk, and he's in a commercial!

    †3X†UR3 is our resident Witch House artist.

    Andre Navarro is Brazilian and has a gorgeous, deep voice that sounds like what a smooth, warm spirit feels like when you drink it.

    GekkoHopman and StSparky haven't been around for a while but they're both really awesome.

    Gekko submits the best SPIT pictures, and if you follow him on Instagram, has some of the best stuff I've seen on there.

    StSparky is the first person to call me "he" while knowing that I was a biofemale (it had only ever happened before when I was mistaken to be an actual male), and I love that no one in that thread drew attention to it or made any "hey Argos is a girl!" comment.

    MikiM bites, but secretly you actually want her to. ;)

    ChrisG has a cool art style in which he draws the fantastic Space Shark, and loves his cat more than anything else.
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    I'm not much of a sharer, and I usually confine myself to the round-the-net thread and any couple others that happen to catch my eye. But I've been around for a while, and it's easy to notice that pretty much everyone on here (and definitely everyone mentioned) is a passionate artist, generally nice and welcoming, and always willing to answer a question or offer help to anyone who asks.

    I remember some comment Dave Sim made in another forum a few years back about how un-Democratic Warren's forums were. They never pretended to be. There's rules to abide by, and they have created the nicest and most honest forum I've seen on the net.
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    Mr Hex and I just spent the afternoon drinking and smoking and talking shite about comics, and wondering how long it'll be before Warren busts into this thread and shouts "I CAN'T FUCKING STAND THIS WANK CIRCLE FOR ANOTHER MINUTE!"

    Toronto Whitechapel kicks arse.
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    TheWaltonsAre: I hope to be that awesome at 36. Not to make it sound like it's super far away, but I'm young, and Cara is the type of awesome at that age where you can see it enduring. One day she will be an old lady with a red hat wearing purple and it will be spectacular.

    Taphead: If I could adopt Tap as a surrogate older brother, I WOULD. Mark. My. Words. If he's ever in the US I am hunting him down so we can DRINK.

    Ditto Oddbill, but in a different way. I think Oddbill is kind of who I want to be when I grow up.

    Rachael Fox: I believe that Rachael is the best kind of stubborn. I don't think she would be the kind of stubborn that would be hard to be around, but more the type of stubborn who knows what she wants and refuses to stop until it HAPPENS! She's also been able to make a lot of her more difficult moments into stunning photographs. Flooring, jawdropping, beautiful moments crystalized.

    Edit because I added Oddbill twice (I'M LEAVING HIM THERE TWICE DEAL WITH IT):

    If I took IcelandBob with me to a bar, I'm pretty sure that a) any attacks on my honor would not be tolerated IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY i.e. broken teeth and a sassy bar fight, and b) he would drink anyone under a table and c) antics. Just antics.
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    Mister Hex- One Great Lake away from the night of my life, I just know it!
    Ditto the rest of the Toronto Whitechapel'ers.

    Paul Sizer- Sizerized me twice and is one of my personal gods.
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    I tend to lurk more than I post, but I feel I must do otherwise for this thread. Here's some of the folks I like to see posts from.

    VKlaus to start with. He told me once on twitter that I ought to come hang out here, and that it was filled with neat people. I followed his advice, and am so happy I did. Doesn't post much, (I think he's usually in the irc, but I never am) but awesome nonetheless.

    Oldhat. Of course. Everyone's said it, but she's a great photographer, and she knows her beer. I mailed her fudge once. We also did an art trade once. Robin's the only person here I've had any non-internet contact with (I've never met any of you people in meatspace), and it's been lovely. I like sending things in the mail, and it's even better receiving art and things from the mysterious land of Canada.

    Rachæl Tyrell is one of my favorite photographers, not just on Whitechapel. She is very talented all around.

    Paul Sizer Absolutely fantastic artist and designer. I'd love to meet him and shake his hand one day. Perhaps steal some of his power over typography while doing so, if I can figure out how to steal powers through handshakes.

    frequentcontributor Welcomed me right away when I came to Whitechapel by complimenting an undeserving drawing on a Remake/Remodel thread. (Sizer did too, but I read Frequent's comment first, and so my week had already been made before I read what Paul had to say, basically.) He also followed me to my blog to comment shortly after. I realized then that there is not any place in real life I've feel so happy and welcome in as Whitechapel.

    struthersneil has tremendous dreams. (Those are more on Twitter, but are worth reading about.)

    Argos is just a good interesting person to quietly stalk. I dig her style.

    icelandbob. It's been said ten times over, but every word you've read about this guy is true. Just fantastic, he is.

    government spy is my favorite of all the prison guards in the world, I think.

    odaelisabeth is adorable.

    dorkmuffin is also adorable.

    razrangel. I love her long posts on the Saturday Open Mic Treads. (For her sake and mine, can we keep those going?)

    Coop takes pretty pictures. Many of them are naked ladies. Extra points for reminding me of Twin Peaks every time I read his name.

    MikiM has made me laugh uncontrollably while reading threads. I would allow her to naw on me, and may even like it.

    Zoetica doesn't really come round here anymore it seems, but on the rare occasion we do see her it is a treat. She is also the most beautiful woman that ever lived, I think.

    I think I'll call it done. The music is playing and I'm being ushered off stage. I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but that's the way it goes.
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    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2011
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I stick my head in here most days.

    One of the things I've loved is watching Paul Sizer develop as an artist.

    And Loki Zero made me weep buckets one Sunday morning.

    But really, all the people here are amazing.
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    So many thoughtful compliments from people I admire. Let me try to return the favor.

    Neila She invented Sharkpony and made my head explode. She has a very sick and twisted and cute and adorable take on things, and I like it very much. Also a fantastic sense of humor, which goes a long, long way with me.

    ChrisG His Space Shark makes me want to say things like ROXXOR and I hate saying shit like that. His comic brings the geek out of me and gives it candy. Pure sugar candy, like NERDS. And then a bunch of Dr. Pepper. The I run around in circles a lot.

    Paul Sizer I don't know where to begin how to describe how impressed I am by Mr. Sizer's talent. The man's a genius, and very versatile. Each new piece of work he debuts on WC are astounding. I'm terribly jealous of all the people who've been Sizer-ized. Keep it up, Mr. Sizer.

    tnperkins When I first saw his lunchbags, I almost cried; they were so good, and I was amazed at what a dedicated and attentive father he must be. Seeing his work, and how he shares it with his kids made me a little happier that the world has people like him in it.

    Alan Tyson Alan really blew me away in the roommate thread. I have a lot of respect for Alan.

    Glukakke Glu is just really really cool. Came through for me when I needed advice, and really helped me deal with some stuff. Thanks, Glu, if I hadn't said it before, thank you.

    Joshdahl and I connected on work issues. The guy really gets it. I think I remember owing him a beer or two.

    Edited to add: Goddamn, I'm a sappy bastard. I know I left some out, and it's unintentional. Since my early BBS days in the early 90's, I've never been as engaged with an online community. As I'm just some working schlub, I'm in awe to be surrounded by this many talented artists, writers, and other talented folk. You lot continue to impress me daily, and I'm thankful to be allowed into the conversation.
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