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    Since I couldnt find one of those here since some posts in 2009, I am creating this one.

    I am a brazilian writer, and I just started translating some of my short stories to english. I am posting then here There you can find stories like a man being guided by Dante through the dark helms of Disneyland, or the sacred texts based around the Michael Jackson religion, or the new adventures of Saddan Hussein as a detective in Hawai. Check them out and leave your 2 cents.
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    Thrown up new stuff at
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2011
    I'm writing stuff for performance at the moment (I have a free show on at the Edinburgh Fringe, and a collaborative show with Writers' Bloc) so have not put anything up online in a while!

    Recently submitted my first ever piece to a magazine, been way too scared to do that for years, but it seemed like the right time. It's for an anthology about non-apocalyptic apocalypse scenarios. Optimist apocalypse!

    I should hopefully have links to audio and / or video of these performances I've been doing / preparing next month or soon after.

    Nice stuff Osmosis! You too Daniel! I've bookmarked both your blogs and will follow.
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    I write off an on in my blog, though most of it isn't fiction (I will be posting some flash fiction there soon).

    Right now I'm working on the script of the movie I'm directing so... been pretty busy.

    Also working on a short I'm going to submit to a magazine... it's a bit Lovecraftian.
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    I've been writing mostly shorts this year although I have almost 90k of a novel complete. I've had one sale so far this year to an anthology I was invited to submit to, another that I'm keeping my fingers crossed on (found out from the editor that I made it past the initial cut of stories so I'm out of the slushpile on that one) and I have a few shorts that I'm working on right now.

    My writing blog is over at Two Pens.
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    What do you guys use for backing up your work. Currently I'm using a mixture of multiple saves on a flash drive, my hard drive, and Drop Box.
      CommentAuthorEd Jackson
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    I use Spideroak as remote backup and to synch across three separate computers.

    I occasionally post some stuff at
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    Just started my one poem a day project, located at
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    Thanks, brother. I'm slowly working my way back into writing so any feedback is hugely appreciated.

    I loved making up stories as a youngun, and then got infected with that damned teenage disease of giving a shit what people thought of me, and trying to be "cool", and other such crap. Now I'm older I just rue the missed years. So, because I still have odd ideas in my head, and getting them out through my fingers is fun, I'm throwing pieces into the internet with no particular method or schedule, just what I write, when it's ready.
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    @RenThing - I also use Spideroak. Stopped using Dropbox after they left the backdoor wide open a few weeks back.

    Spideroak isn't as intuitive as Dropbox, but it's a lot more secure.

    Another thing I was doing for a while was editing my work in Google Docs so it was always there in the cloud. But I found the Docs word processor to be quite frustrating. Another way of backing things up - email them to yourself. (Or make sure your email client saves outgoing emails and then you'll have a copy there for anything that you send to anyone else for feedback, etc).

    On the writing front, haven't done much for the last few weeks 'cause my computer died. Managed to Frankenstein it on Friday night, but still haven't got the drivers sorted out, which means no wireless network, which is a pain in the arse.
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    I'm working on my debut comic, a sitcom pilot and early development of a couple of feature films and yet it feels as if I'm not really doing much! Anyone else felt like this? There's been times when I've just one wee thing to work on and deriving great satisfaction from working on it and yet now umpteen things are hollowering for screen time and I can't stop feeling like I'm shirking my duties. Weird...
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    I've just been invited to a group doing Steampunk Horror. I know horror, but not that up on steampunk, so I'll have to do some research.
    At the very least it's got new narrative pathways opening up.

    Got a dark short story to finish for a potential anthology, a couple of novels that need TLC and finishing. Plus a whole bunch of connected shorts I've neglected to add to for too long. Usually my writing tapers off as the temperature rises and then picks up again in Autumn. So far this year is following that pattern.
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    Slung up a new something at Tumblr.
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    I just got paid for a poem for the first time :D it's in the latest edition of Voiceworks. Now to send more things out...