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    • Scieppan Yoin 11

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 25 Sep 10
    • An artist is a human, and the art speaks of human matters. To be an effective artist one should experience the world within one’s immediate purview, and learn of the ways of the world beyond, and of the world’s past, and of the world’s current nature. This is a pursuit that is undertaken by the artist regardless of the artist’s age, race, sex, or sphere of experience, for it is in order to understand all ages, races, sexes, and spheres of experience that the artist learns to become all of humankind. To ignore a facet of human experience is to ignore a facet within oneself.

      The artist is free to be as all humankind. The artist is cursed to be as all humankind. The artist who judges humankind is no artist. The artist who understands humankind is a wise artist.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 10

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 24 Sep 10
    • The goals of the individual are a minor matter, but the goals of the artist are of paramount importance. The human has objectives in life, but the objectives of the artist take precedence.

      The demands of the art are to be addressed with regularity. To take on the demands of the art and not achieve one’s goals is not failure. To neglect the demands of the work for the art is failure.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 9

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 23 Sep 10
    • It is an easy matter for an artist to fail. It is an easier matter for an artist to succeed. It is simply a matter of creating and presenting before an audience the contents of one’s soul. To strive beyond this is to weigh one’s worth upon a set of untrue scales opposite a pennyweight of gold. It is to compete with the memory of the dead.

      It is easy to be an artist when the work goes well. It is another matter when the work proves difficult. The true artist disregards such distinctions. The work is as the rise of the sun, the phase of the moon, the tide of the sea.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 8

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 22 Sep 10
    • The medium is not the art of the artist. By the medium, it is meant to indicate that which carries the intentions of the artist, the method used to record or present the artist’s ideas and emotions, the method that requires knowledge and training of the artist, that which is the nexus of artist and audience, the point of shared experience.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • i'm going to be leaving.

    • Posted by brittanica on 21 Sep 10
    • I don't need to be om Whitechapel anymore. I have a lot of social problems, and spending time on this computer isn't going to solve any of it.
      Thank you all for being such cool people, but it doesn't really matter if you're all stuck behind a screen, where I can filter everything to be all about me.
      I hope to meet some of you, for real.
      Just not on here. Not anymore.
    • Scieppan Yoin 7

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 21 Sep 10
    • The artist approaches the day’s work as one who embarks into another realm, walks away from the ordinary life and steps into the otherness that the artist dwells in, the place where reality becomes a set of malleable abstracts, like a cabinet of spices from which the artist draws weight and measure. It is in this place that the artist creates, and it is here that the concerns and energies of the ordinary life are not permitted. The first skill that the artist learns is to enforce the division between the artist life and the ordinary life. The division is easy, the vigilance is difficult.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 6

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 20 Sep 10
    • To become an artist, one should have a need. The artist who does not know the truth of this need will wander. To know the character of this need is to name one’s soul.

      Cultivate a habit for experience. Seek the new and the unknown. Let the intellect become familiar with all aspects of knowledge. Let the spirit become familiar with all aspects of artistic endeavor. All the world is one vast forest of experiences, and the artist has a fire that needs tending.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 5

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 19 Sep 10
    • The artist goes where the ordinary human will not go. Because of this, the artist is obliged to behave not as an ordinary human. It is in this freedom that the artist becomes not as the ordinary human, and because of this, can not interact with ordinary humans as an ordinary human. To be an artist is to view all things through the lens of one’s spirit, and therefore, is seen by others through the distortion of the artist’s lens; the whole world looks upon the artist through the wrong side of the glass. In this is truth.

      -- Scieppan Yoin
    • Scieppan Yoin 4

    • Posted by KitsuneCaligari on 18 Sep 10
    • The spirit is not the soul, but is the manifestation of the soul that is experienced by others. The artist is not the individual, but is the manifestation of the individual that is experienced by others. The soul within the individual becomes art by the spirit of the artist.

      -- Scieppan Yoin