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    • UK Government Says 'Dope For All'!

    • Posted by Bombus Hortorus on 16 Apr 08
    • Enough cannabis to roll a spliff for everyone in the country:

      The article doesn't mention exactly who's going to do the rolling, or what the method of distribution will be, but we're good at queues and rationing in Britain so it'll all be fine, the Home Office will sort it out.
    • Scott Adams And The Decline Of Dilbert

    • Posted by muse hick on 16 Apr 08
    • I have been following Dilbert for an age now -- I own a fair few of the collected strips and I really used to love the whole thing. I pondered recently as to whether or not my growing disenchantment with the supposed humour expressed in said strips might derive from the fact that I no longer work in an office -- perhaps I had lost touch with my inner Dilbert.

      I was making excuses for a much loved strip and now, after a seriously bad showing for at least two months (which is bad given it's a daily strip) I have had to surrender to the notion that someone removed Adam's funny bone. One has to wonder whether he himself actually gets even an ironic laugh out of re-hashing things he said a hundred times before with much more flair.

      I would like to pronounce Dilbert flatline.
    • the dream world thing

    • Posted by WaxPoetic on 16 Apr 08
    • discovered the other day that my dreams are more interesting than the rest of my life. this is not to say that i lack the occasional adventure involving runaway dogs or conversations at the grocery store or mental gymnastics over other people's ridiculous conversations, or today's slalom through college students on my bicycle. these things happen regularly.

      i am, however, somewhat concerned that i look forward to my dreams as topics of conversation when it comes time for me to say something. meaning - they are the most interesting events in my days lately and i find this unacceptable.

      therefore - this stops. the dreams that i walk through in my sleep are powerful and wonderful and terrifying and hint at possibilities and conversations i've only begun to realize. However. i am saying publicly - life is more than that and it is time to cover the walls of my home with the maps and the crayons and the vases and the poems that i've been keeping locked up as though i've the right to.

      bad grammar. oh well.

      so. now i will work - it fits, trust me. and thence to dine at home and thence to slipper making and skirt planning, and figuring out how i'm going to get home to Chicago for a few days at the end of June.

      (see, i'd ask if anyone else does this shit, but, in my world, everyone thinks like this at some point. except for the slipper thing, maybe.)
    • Not My Mother

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 16 Apr 08
    • Am I really so cool as to deserve having crazy people out there IRL pretending to be my mother? *headdesk* Who needs the internet when you have RL drama to this level of craziness: Yes, a woman is out there pretending to be my biological mother.

      -now looking into changing my legal name and all the fun that that entails. WHeeee.
    • Hmm

    • Posted by muse hick on 16 Apr 08
    • I suppose I should really use this wonderful feature. There seems to be some great stuff spread across the Whitechapel blogosphere. I just wonder at the possibility of actually being able to maintain yet another site.

      To be fair though I spend a lot of time bouncing around on the forum. I have to admit to not feeling inclined to post much on here lately. Every single question I posted in the Warren Ellis interrogation was summarily ignored and the majority of threads I start are sunk or closed. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the remit of the site, though I don't think so.

      I came here because of Mr Ellis's work and it is a great source of inspiration, and nice to stay up to date on news of his and others work.

      I posted a review of Cages today on skull cull which I think I did a good job on, or I hope I did.

      This week I have been getting to grips with drawing again for my Insomniaxe project. I have been finishing off various poems and posted a few stories on I like to maintain a level of productivity and I really need to get pushing on the novel again.

      Maybe I can use this as some kind of work blog. Myspace tends to be for emotional issues and philosophy at the moment, skull cull is reviews and culture tidbits, my name site is for the fiction, and of course I am posting on writers, prizefighters regularly.
    • Brain spooge part 2

    • Posted by Ted on 16 Apr 08
    • More assorted random thoughts:

      I'm going swimming tonight, for the second time this year. Before that, I hadn't swum properly in 4, maybe 5 years. Tomorrow, I shall ache.

      I've joined Twitter, to follow Ellis and a few others; I already fail at maintaining my own Twitter, as I've updated it very infrequently already, defeating the idea of a constant, changing microblog.

      I've been going, as I told Z, to a creative writing course thingy. Because, much as I'd like to be a writer at some point in my life, I'm actually not very good at it. But this will change.

      I love my friends, all of them; but several really do my head in some times. It's difficult to have friends that you can't really talk to one-on-one, and can only relate to in a group setting.

      I got very frustrated by something today, but it didn't last; even as it was happening, I could feel my general cheeriness trying to reassert itself. I take this as a generally positive sign for my current mental state.

      Got a quick health check at work. I'm slightly short (5'9") but good weight for my height (11st), with low cholesterol and good blood pressure. The results aren't surprising in themselves, given my young, young age, but I've never had a check before, so it was interesting to see.

      Speaking of my young, young age, it has regressed even further; MarioKart has not only fully reawakened my inner child, but has given him a sophisticated reprogramming.

      6 weeks today, I quit work, and pack my bags for America (leaving 6 weeks and 2 days time). I'll only be away for 2 months, and it's to an English-speaking (well, depends on your POV, I guess) country, so it's lazy, unchallenging travelling, but I'm really looking forward to it. Particularly meeting WCers in Chicago and San Diego, if they're up for such an idea.

      My laptop is dying, and this saddens me - we've been together 4 years, but by the end of the year, will not. The poor thing gets taxed to the limit of processing running the Flock browser, takes 2 minutes to save a Photoshop file, and can take up to 3 hours to convert a 350mg AVI file to DivX. *sigh*

      Such is the state of my brain. How is yours today?
    • Random Geek: Super Heroes and Politics Inquiry

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 16 Apr 08
    • The next Secret Invasion (not counting the visual interlude bit) one will probably be when issue 2 is out. Figure if I do a couple at once I won't get blocked again, and want to get to a 4-5 a week pace.

      So that said, anyone have any thoughts on what might be interesting to babble on about? Kinda curious who is reading these things anyway...