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    • Butthurt - I am not a Saint

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 7 Feb 08
    • In the sciences, I am not a saint. I had that beaten out of me on the second lab report we did in complete scientific paper style, down to citations. I was decent at writing papers, and early on got into the habit of supporting my words with references, citing other articles bigger, more badass scientists had done.

      Now to Psychology, which I'm treating as Biology Lite. I'm in an upper level course, though it feels more like a 101 course in tone, and in my classmate's primary responses to things. We're told to chew on each other's thoughts and ideas and to respond.

      This is where it gets tricky, you see: One of my classmates is butthurt, because she made a rash, blatantly untrue statement, and got corrected for it. (cont.)
    • Audition

    • Posted by Don Kelly on 7 Feb 08
    • I wrote a piece as an audition for the website Elephant Words. It's called "Broke Down" after the photo all participants auditioned from. Check it out here:

      Hope you enjoy.
    • Nicotine and Vitriol

    • Posted by Rachel on 6 Feb 08
    • I suspect this is where I post any manner of ranty/random stuff.

      Here is a dog that sometime thinks he's the boss of me but he has no fucking thumbs and I can sit on him until he cries.

      Here is me and a boy who knows he's not the boss of me because he Fears and Worships me, as all boys should.

      Here is the girl who recently became my minion.

      Here is me, not actually being naked.

      And here is me laying on the tin roof in the rain.
    • Waiting for the ice to sneak back in

    • Posted by WaxPoetic on 6 Feb 08
    • The week began slowly and with bad weather, weather that doesn't believe our local, regional Groundhog that spring is on its way. either that, or spring and winter had a wretched break-up and winter wants to make sure we don't forget before spring shows up and makes everything pretty again. but spring around here means headaches and allergies, rain storms that make no sense and tornado season starts anew. it means the smell of dirt and plants growing up through death and decay, it means the constant fear of the late frost, like last year's, the kind that killed all of the little apple buds which meant that the nebraskans were snacking on apples from michigan during our apple season. it's the kind of thing that makes you question your own need to be isolated and superior.

      the male cat has become my nursemaid, watching me carefully as i ease my overly sore and battered body into and out of bed. he treads around me under my blankets and doesn't complain when i grab him for a cuddle. his sister is pissed that there is still plastic on the windows - she needs to see outside, to know that the world is more than a hallway with a bed at one end and a view at the other.

      i appreciate the attention he pays. it is slightly odd, because i've had dogs as nursemaids before, but most of the cats i've lived with have been more concerned with my mental well-being than my physical. i guess that's what happens when you crack your tail-bone these days. Hunh.
    • Brian K. Vaughan's weekly top 5 comic recommendations

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 6 Feb 08
    • are coming to an end after 3 1/2 years.

      Interesting comment from his announcement:
      I've said it many times before, but I feel very fortunate to be living in what is this medium's real Golden Age. There may not be a single touchstone work like Maus or Watchmen, but between Scott Pilgrim and Punisher and Fun Home and Fell and Exit Wounds and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Perry Bible Fellowship and All-Star Superman and Usagi Yojimbo and Ultimate Spider-Man and Tokyopop's Planetes and Acme Novelty Library and Scalped and The Walking Dead and Buffy and Criminal and The Three Paradoxes and Dynamo 5 and Green Lantern and DMZ and Optic Nerve and The Killer and Persepolis and Shaolin Cowboy and Kick-Ass and Super Spy and Queen & Country and Chance in Hell and Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Daredevil... that's seriously just off the very top of my bald head. I've forgotten more good books than I can remember. Has there ever been a better era to be reading comics? Ever?

      Thanks to Brian for recommending Doktor Sleepless, Narcopolis, and other Avatar books over the years.
    • Sketchbooks

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 6 Feb 08
    • I spent most of this morning drinking a sub-par mocha, and sketching in one of my numerous sketchbooks. The sketchbook pictured is one sent me by my friend Kat, and it's becoming home for sketches and doodles based on one of our projects, holding the previously mentioned sketch of Merrick, the Elephant Man. The small child previously mentioned, and her dad weren't there, but some friends were.

      Back to the sketchbook. I prefer tough, heavier-weight paper, with a smooth finish. I like something that doesn't feel like it'll fall apart by looking at it- and I cannot stand drawing on newsprint, finding the thin paper's texture and weight distasteful to my sense of touch. I like Bristol with the smoother finish, because it soaks up the ink well, and I don't have to worry about ink bleeding through, or the paper wrinkling that much.
    • Remember: Crazy, NOT Stupid.

    • Posted by Inexperto on 6 Feb 08
    • I've been itching to post an entry here for a while, but I've been struggling for inspiration. Until a special email landed in my office inbox today:
      Subject: Invitation to attend Explosives Awareness Course

      Oh yes.
      In the current climate of global terrorism there is a need for UK-based management-level personnel to be offered exposure to explosives, weapons, bombs and their blast effect and to take part in a live range day.

      Funnily enough, I can already think of some management-level personnel who could do with being exposed to bombs and their blast effects. Mind you, "live range day" does sound pretty awesome. Pray continue, senĂ³r Unsolicited Email...
      The outcome of attendance on the course will enable delegates to be better informed about explosives and their effects, together with an enhanced understanding of terrorist use of improvised explosive devices.

      That's all very well, but you're not really telling me anything that I can't already find in The Anarchist Cookbook...
      Delegates will be better placed to make sound judgment in future management roles or where such experience will aid a decision-making process.

      The ability to recognise improvised explosive devices will help my CEO make better decisions? Riiight. You know, if I hadn't already read about the Koreans faking their own deaths to boost productivity, this would be the strangest management retreat I've ever heard of.

      Stuff it. I know I'm just a glorified receptionist, but I've spent the past half hour lobbying the office bigwigs to try and get me a place on this thing, if only because it might bring me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being Keanu Reeves in Speed. (Or to a lesser extent, Jeff Bridges in Blown Away)

      The security consultants' website can be found here.