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    • Eep.

    • Posted by munin218 on 12 Feb 08
    • Well, today i may find out whether i have Crohn's or not. Personally, I dont think I do. I think this will be another opportunity for U of M hospital to shrug and say "Duh, I dunno..." I think this is the millionth fucking test. Good grief, just take out my damn gallbladder already....
    • The Old Photoblag : 9

    • Posted by Ben on 12 Feb 08
    • Seoul Tower

      I am a little drunk on El Jimador Tequila right now, due to a game of Settlers of Catan and a little house rule. So that's my excuse for being late.

      Apparently the Namdaemun gate burned down this weekend. Korea's #1 national treasure! I think it was the national treasure that was honoured by having a traffic loop erected around it.

      The tower always felt so neglected and forgotten. I miss seeing it like I miss seeing the Calgary tower. It reminded me what city I was in if I ever forgot.
    • Z: TBH: Evening, Day 15

    • Posted by Z on 11 Feb 08
    • Getting to bed an hour late, got another worthless writing exercise done. I don't know why the fuck I can manage those right now with passionless autonomy and can't return to my own work.

      I am completely disgusted with my hobby at this point. I need to pick up chess, or stamp collecting, or rare coins.

      You think I'm kidding.


      The part you give a shit about: new stuff posted to the TBH blog tomorrow. Lucky, lucky you.

      Today's quote:
      I'm invisible.

      I've always been invisible.

      I'll always *be* invisible.

      I have no idea how to make peace with that.

      I'm in fine form today, yes I am. G'night.

      - Z
    • Where you Come From

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 11 Feb 08
    • Perhaps it's because I don't feel that attached to my immediate family, I've always been curious about my older ancestors; those who came over from Europe. And after tracking a great many name-changes, found the place where my great-great-great grandfather (I may have the number of greats wrong; it's my grandfather's grandfather) came from:
      Kaschau, Hungaria-
      or what's known as, nowdays, as Kosice, Slovakia. or if you want to be more specific: HERE.

      It's a strange thing to finally put a name and image to the place my grandfather spoke of, tales handed down about orchards and apple trees and disgruntled farmers.
      Has anyone heard of or been to these places at all?
    • The Robot is a terrible creature of synthetic flesh, bone and skin.

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 11 Feb 08
    • Like a lot of us I suppose, as a kid (and still today, of course) I had quite a thing for Robots. I have this vivid early memory of seeing this comic book cover on a newsstand spinner rack and feeling this jolt of amazement over the towering greatness of the concept ("comics... ABOUT robots...?!?").

      But before that even, I liked robots, and would read what I could find about them. I kept running into this tidbit about the word Robot coming from a Czech play called Rossum's Universal Robots, and I could never quite parse the idea that there would be robots in a play.

      I'd long forgotten about that, until just now running into this pic of a performance of the play at

      The site also has a 1922 review of the play:
      The Robot is a terrible creature of synthetic flesh, bone and skin. He is in the image of man and has all the attributes of man except spirituality and laziness.
    • Snow Days and Art Supplies

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 11 Feb 08
    • Woke up this morning, feeling like I got ran over by a truck while I was asleep - a condition I can easily blame on the massive amount of shoveling my scrawny frame did yesterday before work (and has yet to do before I can leave this house).

      Taking stock of my supplies; I've got a decent stash of Windpower bristol to write nice pictures on, beads, glue and leather for the headset mod, duct tape in black and white, guiness, sketchbooks, some acrylic paints (though my stash is waning down to some bright reds, a few blues, linen, and gesso). As far as writing supplies go, I have my ink pen, microns, Copic brush-tipped pens and I really want to re-stock up on TRIAS soon...though there are some other markers that make me giddy. I like markers with a high alcohol content that blend like butter with a high pigment concentration.

      Dick Blick is the favored supplier to my art addiction.

      There should be drawings to come :)
      It's a snow day for the area, crappy as heck, the warnings are still to the tune of DONT GO OUTSIDE.
    • Z: TBH: Morning, Day 15

    • Posted by Z on 11 Feb 08
    • Today makes the more-than-two weeks mark doing this blogging thing.

      I've really preferred this setting. The trouble is with a real blog, a 'personal' blog, I feel watched, like I'm the main attraction. Some people love that. Some folks would stand on a soapbox, naked but for their beliefs, and preach all about it.

      You've probably realised by now I'd rather not do that. I'd rather not bore people with the mundaneness of my day-to-day life. And as for my belief system, I'd like to think people wouldn't confide in me if it wasn't clear I had one. What does that leave me to blog about? Not much.

      * * *

      Yesterday was a long day. Got out of the house for a short while before returning home to receive confession. (What else am I supposed to call it, I'm not a therapist for fucksake.) It was a long line waiting for me yesterday (maybe because it was sunday..?). I really should make a miniature corner office for it. I'd turn one of the closets into a wood paneled chamber, but I have a feeling my partner would resent that. But come on, think about it! I could get a webcam, put a wicker screen in front of it and dim the lights. Sitting in profile with a keyboard in my lap I could address the huddled masses.

        "How long has it been since your last confession? Confesssssssssssssss."

      And people wonder why I don't use instant messaging.

      - Z
    • dissociative state again

    • Posted by roque on 11 Feb 08
    • who the fuck am I? whose life is this? everything looks so strange to me.

      I'm seeing everything from a distance.

      I want to post a random picture. here, this is how much of a fucking Silent Hill geek I am. warning, fat girl cosplay: