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    • Sketchbooks

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 6 Feb 08
    • I spent most of this morning drinking a sub-par mocha, and sketching in one of my numerous sketchbooks. The sketchbook pictured is one sent me by my friend Kat, and it's becoming home for sketches and doodles based on one of our projects, holding the previously mentioned sketch of Merrick, the Elephant Man. The small child previously mentioned, and her dad weren't there, but some friends were.

      Back to the sketchbook. I prefer tough, heavier-weight paper, with a smooth finish. I like something that doesn't feel like it'll fall apart by looking at it- and I cannot stand drawing on newsprint, finding the thin paper's texture and weight distasteful to my sense of touch. I like Bristol with the smoother finish, because it soaks up the ink well, and I don't have to worry about ink bleeding through, or the paper wrinkling that much.
    • Remember: Crazy, NOT Stupid.

    • Posted by Inexperto on 6 Feb 08
    • I've been itching to post an entry here for a while, but I've been struggling for inspiration. Until a special email landed in my office inbox today:
      Subject: Invitation to attend Explosives Awareness Course

      Oh yes.
      In the current climate of global terrorism there is a need for UK-based management-level personnel to be offered exposure to explosives, weapons, bombs and their blast effect and to take part in a live range day.

      Funnily enough, I can already think of some management-level personnel who could do with being exposed to bombs and their blast effects. Mind you, "live range day" does sound pretty awesome. Pray continue, senór Unsolicited Email...
      The outcome of attendance on the course will enable delegates to be better informed about explosives and their effects, together with an enhanced understanding of terrorist use of improvised explosive devices.

      That's all very well, but you're not really telling me anything that I can't already find in The Anarchist Cookbook...
      Delegates will be better placed to make sound judgment in future management roles or where such experience will aid a decision-making process.

      The ability to recognise improvised explosive devices will help my CEO make better decisions? Riiight. You know, if I hadn't already read about the Koreans faking their own deaths to boost productivity, this would be the strangest management retreat I've ever heard of.

      Stuff it. I know I'm just a glorified receptionist, but I've spent the past half hour lobbying the office bigwigs to try and get me a place on this thing, if only because it might bring me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being Keanu Reeves in Speed. (Or to a lesser extent, Jeff Bridges in Blown Away)

      The security consultants' website can be found here.
    • The Old Photoblag : 6

    • Posted by Ben on 6 Feb 08
    • arch

      Feeling like a sudden change of pace. This was taken in Blodgette Canyon, in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. A little bit south of Missoula. It's where I grew up. That's me at the bottom of that massive freakin' arch. This was my first encounter with the art of bushwhacking, or choosing a point off in the distance and heading for it. I have to say that after five or so hours of aimless wandering, attempting to climb creeks that could have been considered waterfalls, wondering why the hell we didn't bring any water*or lunch* and more than a few cuts and bruises that it's well worth it. I've never seen anything so massive and imposing. But then again, I've never seen the Grand Canyon, but I feel like that would be a bit more like "ohshitohshiti'mgoingtofallin"

      Super Tuesday is fun. So much better than Football. Sleep now.
    • Anger Music

    • Posted by roque on 6 Feb 08
    • I've been having a bunch of angry dreams lately, so I decided I must not be listening to the right kind of music. all day I've been feeding stuff into Winamp as it struck my fancy. this is what I came up with:

      1. Nine Inch Nails - I Do Not Want This (5:40)
      2. Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot (5:15)
      3. Geto Boys - Still (7:07)
      4. Anthrax - Caught in a Mosh (5:00)
      5. Nine Inch Nails - March of the Pigs (2:58)
      6. Dj Outblast - Fuck what you heard (Vince Remix) (4:36)
      7. Metallica - Damage Inc. (5:29)
      8. godhead - You Mean Nothing (2:54)
      9. Miyavi - Kusare Sotomichi he -Son of bitch- (2:25)
      10. DAF - DER SHERIFF (6:22)
      11. Nine Inch Nails - Wish (3:46)
      12. Frank Black & The Catholics - I Switched You (5:18)
      13. Prong - Controller (3:38)
      14. Scarface - No Tears (2:27)
      15. Clutch - Binge And Purge (6:28)
      16. godhead - Lift (3:01)
      17. Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (3:49)
      18. P. Diddy & The Family - Victory (Nine Inch Nails Remix) (5:33)
      19. 12 - Nine Inch Nails - Burn (5:01)
      20. Mose Allison - If You Live (2:31)

      I notice that some of it is angry in sound, some just in subject matter. loud and fast is the shit; swearing is the shit; but Mose Allison with his laid-back, well-turned bitterness is also the shit.
    • Talking to Small Children over Coffee

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 5 Feb 08
    • I'm not sure why people think it is a good idea to let me near their small children. Certainly, I don't, but this hasn't stopped the parents of 5-6 year olds from having me babysit their kids, nor the kids from throwing tantrums when I have to leave.

      Part of this may be because I draw. Kids love drawings. Kids love it when you can draw puppies and kitties on request. Parents seem to think that because I can draw puppies, kitties and winged moose (shush, they are cute), that all my drawings are kid-okay; so I've dealt with adults looking at my sketchbook quickly then passing it to their kids while I go "Er- You don't want to do that".

      Which lead to me trying to explain the story of Merrick, the elephant man, over coffee, to a four year old this morning. The kid seemed to understand what I was getting at: The guy was deformed and sickly, but just because he looked weird, it didn't mean he was a bad person, and somehow that turned into a segue for what color push-pops were good, and how green was a good flavor, even if it was an 'icky color' and how the kid's dad's favorite color was chartreuse. The dad seemed pleased with the discussion, and the fact that I was paying attention to the kid.
    • Worst court case defence ever...

    • Posted by alwayscrashing on 5 Feb 08
    • The Guardian | Murder accused admits sex with dead woman, court told

      "Mark Dixie admitted he had sex with Sally Anne Bowman as she lay in a pool of blood on her driveway, but said she was already dead, Brian Altman, prosecuting, told the court."

      First let's set the scene here... A dead body is found, the girl had been victim of a violent rape and had been stabbed to death. Stabbed to death in the neck and chest. Stabbed so hard the knife came out the other side.

      They proved this guy had sex with her. They had various examples of DNA, his teeth marks all over the body and his fingerprint in blood on her shoe. He couldn't have left more evidence even if he had a friend video it and uploaded it to YouTube.

      Fair cop, you'd think. Just accept your fate. You've fucked up and it's time to face the music?

      No. The best thing, of course, is to claim that you chanced across the mutilated dead body lying in a pool of most of it's blood and then thought to yourself, 'Well, another opportunity like this won't come along...." and had sex with the corpse.

      It might work... I mean, it's worth a try. The judge may just say 'Well, why didn't you say so earlier? Case dismissed.' and let him go. If anyone is going to understand how tempting the cold, blood-smeared corpse of an eighteen year old girl is then it is going to be a judge after all.

      Also, he was a chef.... He could have at least cleaned up after himself and made her into a Spaghetti Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne. She was a model, it's not that much meat to get rid of...
    • Would you like red or white whine with your meal?

    • Posted by Will Couper on 5 Feb 08
    • I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle writing my MySpace blog this week. You see I'd planned on doing a series of stories that were at least a thousand words long as pieces people could get their teeth into.

      I've since looked through my list of stories that I've still to post and discovered that I have only one more story that fits the bill. I thought I had at least two.

      This is...bothersome. So what do I do? Do I throw myself at the keyboard, rattle out another masterpiece in the 1,000-words-plus range? No. I jump on here and spend precious, precious time telling people about it!

      I'm a genius, I am.

    • The Old Photoblag : 5

    • Posted by Ben on 5 Feb 08
    • soju

      I believe this was taken in the area of Hyehwa, but the giant Hangul signs may be saying something different. The stack that looks a bit like coke bottles in plastic flats is actually full of soju bottles. Little 750ml bottles of gin for a buck. Christ, you could almost never go wrong with that. The stuff gave me hangovers that felt like my entire body was trying to force itself out of my body through the pores on my face. No wonder the streets had fresh piles of vomit every morning.

      I remember so many little alleyways like this though. Populated with restaurants and random PC rooms. When was the last time you walked down an alleyway to get a bowl of soup and check your email?
    • Random Geek: Stark Contrast (2) - Central, Dynamic and On Sale Now

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 5 Feb 08
    • Consider Iron Man - Marvel editorial touts him as the central figure of their shared universe now, the most dynamic figure, the most controversial figure (almost think a movie is coming) - and he is all these things.

      But, perhaps not in the way intended.

      Central, at first, seems the most clear under analysis. Stark is central because the nature of the post Civil War Marvel Universe he touches on every book. Each character is defined in relation to a position that Iron Man has come to represent, and that position, fictional or not is a political one. In a literal sense many books have had the same scene, Tony Stark shows up and informs the title hero to register, resulting in a confrontation or acceptance. Tony is central because he looms large, and has a political label strewn across is armor.

      So we come to the, very fictional, politics of the Super Hero Registration Act.

      The water immediately clouds here, for it is not the clear what those politics are. The very details and intentions of the fictional SHRA blurred across different writers pens. A permanent prison, or no? Do you have to sign if you have powers or simply if you act like a powered vigilante. Other continuity details, and contradictory statements and presentations, ripple and vanish across different books and different writer's pens.

      Several people are now giving me odd looks. Geek you are Josh, but continuity discussion, really? No, hah, no. Just need to get to a point.

      The central figure in the Marvel Universe stands in proxy for a story point - a fictional law built on fictional politics which of course has not text and no history. Yet, it has no clear defined now either. The SHRA only has a vague shape, and thus is an empty jar waiting for each writer to fill.

      Tony Stark, narrative icon of the plot line, becomes dynamic, shifting and changing with the contents of the jar, what ever waters get poured in become a political mirror for the writer and the readers.

      Controversy, well I will get to that latter.