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    • What annoyed me this morning:

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 8 Apr 08
    • Ok... I don't get it.

      Ed was doing fine doing Iron Fist, Daredevil, Captain America, and Uncanny.

      Then Fraction cowrites IF with him.

      Then Fraction cowrites UXM with him.

      Now they leave IF.

      So EB can only do 2 solo and one cowriting?

      Geoff Johns writes more than that, AND is a universe "architect" much like Bendis is.

      I just get irritated when these creators set up these really awesome comics, then just take off after a year or so Astonishing X-men Joss Whedon, Warren Ellis (Thunderbolts), and they get dropped into the laps of subparness (Ellis's AXM looks awful).

      Why should I even invest in new comics by "hot writers" when they are going to end up cancelled a year or two later (or done crappily then canceled), anyways?

      This is not from CBR or Newsarama. Its from a discussion in a location one would think is pro-creator and intelligent. Oh well.

      I hate comic fans.

      Oh the same poster also explains latter Criminal "doesn't count."

      I hate comic fans.
    • The Old Photoblag : 24

    • Posted by Ben on 8 Apr 08
    • Apologies for recycling images, but brain juice is not flowing that well today. Large amounts of physically and mentally draining work leave me all wet and floppy like a used condom.

      So many things in this image to rant about. I'll go for.....water bottles. You will learn that bigger is better, and gigantic is best. Working out in the sun for eight hours a day will make you sweat, sweat, sweat. So remember to hydrate kids! If you think that little Nalgene your girlfriend sent you is going to do the job, think again! You're going to need something around a gallon or so of water at the least with the amount of work YOU'RE going to be doing. The man in the white there has one of those water holders that is supposed to sit on a table and be used like a box of wine. We frequently pretended we were in a porno shoot of some kind with it. Ah, water, lover, sustainer of life, turn on. The guy who comes out as a black/red blob on the left used an old culligan 18.9L container. That thing was a bitch to move around, but man was it nice to realize that you could probably take a quick sponge bath if no one was watching.
    • Fight Suckage With Awesomage!

    • Posted by Egon on 7 Apr 08
    • Holy shit, my batty old aunt just discovered the "Fwd" button on her e-mail client. Imagine if I did 17 of my retarded, self-amusement posts over 4 hours. You wouldn't have to because I'd probably get banned before reaching 9 posts.

      Anyways, today fucking sucked. A lot. But rather than emo-blog, I'm going to focus on some stuff that rules.

      New Job: Awesome!

      I literally watched No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood back-to-back on their gPads. (Portable media devices) BetterMovie/BetterActor, respectively. listened to the new Beastie Boys, Mogwai and Neil Young. I did about 8 practice POs. Tomorrow I hit the ground running and make plans for a new database. My nervousness has turned to anxiousness. I'm really fraking eager to get my hands dirty and actually shape a division of a company. I may sound like some kind of corporate lapdog, but I don't see any human rights abuses in the InFlight Entertainment industry and if anything, we're the expanding underdog while my dinosaur of an ex-job takes a dirt nap. And the technology! OH! I think there might be some life left in this industry after all.

      Did I say "fraking" earlier? Frak yeah I did. Battlestar Galactica is back, curbing my Lost withdraws. And then in a month they'll be playing Thursday and Friday nights. The Season Finale should be a crossover, damnit!

      This makes me sound like a girl, but whatever. $200 Macy's gift card. There's a sale on Wednesday. sQuee! I'm going.

      Oh hey, look. Forwarded e-mail #18.
    • Douche bag!

    • Posted by tedcroland on 6 Apr 08
    • DOUCHE!

      What a fucking douche bag. He came up while me and my brother were taking pictures...he was a military-hair-cute rent-a-cop assfuck.

      Rent-A-Cop: Hey man, you can delete that picture now.
      Us: Um...what?
      Rent-A-Cop: You can delete that picture.
      Us: You parked in TWO HANDICAPPED SPACES.
      RAC: So what? It's private property.
      Us: And? That doesn't make you any less of a douche bag.
      RAC: I was only here five minutes.
      Us: Right. And you're a douche bag.
      RAC (walking back to his dick on wheels): You're going to delete that picture.
      Us: No we're not, this is going on the internet. You're gonna be famous!
      RAC: Go fuck yourself. (drives away)

      We got a picture of his license plate, too. We're gonna write a letter to the local police and the people at the rent-a-cop company. Basically, we're going to try as hard as we can to fuck up his life. Yay!
    • nothing is satisfactory

    • Posted by roque on 6 Apr 08
    • everything needs to change.

      everything within the reach of my arm. everything I do during the day and at night. everything I eat. every substantial chunk of my time.

      I'm not really alive. I'm in a rut, and if I don't break out, I'll die this way, bland and unremembered. something in me... recoils at the thought. my soul, maybe.
    • All hail the internets

    • Posted by PyD on 6 Apr 08
    • So after a procrastinating for 2 years I upgraded my Flickr and spent a Friday night and Saturday in work uploading the guts of 2000 photos.

      Within 2 hours of having started then uploading I already had comments or bookmarks attached to some photos of girls I know back in Dublin.

      One guy, whose photo collection seems to consist entorely of random photos of ladies including topless sunbathers favourite-ed one photo and some dude WITH NO PHOTOS ON HIS ACCOUNT has labelled one friend a Foxy, sexy mama.

      Ahh the internet dwellers, how I've missed them.