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    • The Old Photoblag : 4

    • Posted by Ben on 4 Feb 08
    • masks

      The woman I was living with and I during Yellow Dust Season. Which is a time in spring*and fall apparently* when the winds from the Manchurian deserts sweep across the Korean peninsula and eventually to North America, leaving a nasty trail of sulfur, carbon and other delicious pollutants in its wake. We woke up one morning to scratchy red eyes, sore throats and this dense fog that obscured anything beyond a block away. Every year hundreds of people die of lung complications from it. Hence the masks and the "the world is about to end" feeling to the picture. None of my students at the time even thought it was a big deal. Given that some of these kids were 17-18 years old, it just showed me what kind of shit you can become accustomed to over time.

      Oh, and one of the teachers at my school got fired when someone asked for a definition of pollution. She had simply pointed out the window and said "That."
    • Sunday

    • Posted by Don Kelly on 4 Feb 08
    • Sitting at the 101, waiting for a burger. My biggest question right now:
      Will one chocolate shake do me?

      The burger just arrived. I'm very American, overeating happy right now.
    • Z: TBH: Day 7 - Into Collapse

    • Posted by Z on 3 Feb 08
    • It's Day 7, it's evening. Time to add this first week to a different tally: my time with the outside world, spending time with real people over a real conversation and not a polite one, has been dwindling.

      The last thing I did socially in a group of more than two other people was over thirty days ago, in December. I have had no social interaction, no interaction outside of office and home, in the year 2008.

      It is February. Let's shoot for March.

      How many days does it take to get listless and bored with the world to the point of self-destruct? Not a gross depressive episode out of despair mind you, but out of a desire for anything- anything at all- to be different? At what point does routine utterly fail to bring any kind of comfort, and in fact become a skipping record?

      I am Jack's skipping record.

      - Z
    • And now for the Elephant Man

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 3 Feb 08
    • Just a drawing of Merrick, in response to a friend's drawing; x-posted to my normal blog; there's also a post a few posts back to the drawing my friend did of Merrick.

      Joseph Carey Merrick, aka the Elephant man was afflicted with Proteus Syndrome, along with several other diseases, having won the Russian roulette for Bad Genetics.

      The thing that strikes me about him, from the accounts I've read, was that despite being rather horrific in appearance, and having been treated horribly by others, he maintained his dignity as a human, calm composure and peaceable attitude, instead of falling towards rage or despondency, when the odds were, for the most part, against him.

      The drawing was done pretty quickly in pen and ink, over graphite, scanned and then colored using Painter Classic's watercolor 'brush'.

      The time taken to complete this? under half an hour.
    • depression

    • Posted by roque on 3 Feb 08
    • I have absolutely dick nothing to do today except go to Japanese class, return some movies, and buy garbage bags, and I'm still tempted to just stay home.

      because to do all that I have to take a bus in less than 20 minutes and I always need at least an hour to decompress after I wake up.

      more to the point, because I forgot to take my medication yesterday and I'm still effed up over it. life isn't hard for me, but it feels hard. makes me want to kick myself.
    • Learning Korean

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 3 Feb 08
    • So. I'm trying to teach myself Korean; I've got some books and phrase books, and am now slowly working my way through the ABC's. Graph paper helps me write; otherwise I end up scrawling all over the place. Some part of me is tempted to learn to write it with my left hand, but I'm going to wait and decide upon handedness until after I've got the symbols matched with their sounds.

      So far my favorite letters are the ch'-sound letter, because it looks like a little man, and the h-sound because it looks like a man in a hat (sorry, I haven't gotten this computer up to par on languages, like my laptop- the laptop in question being setup for English, Romanian and Hungarian).

      I like learning new languages, or at least trying to; my mind likes having something to 'chew' on. Latin is my first and foremost linguistic love, and I am not too proud to say I'm less than mediocre at it, because I've been neglecting it in favor of working on Korean, and I don't want to get my languages crossed too much.
    • Happy Birthday Creig Flessel

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 3 Feb 08
    • Happy 96th birthday to comics industry giant Creig Flessel, an artist whose first published work was the cover of Detective Comics #2 (!) in 1937, and who played a big role in shaping DC's look in the very early years with numerous covers.

      Flessel continues to keep a hand in the industry to this day through conventions and commission work. Noting recently to the SF Chronicle that he still draws, he told the reporter, "at my age, what the hell else am I going to do?"

      Alter Ego cover by Flessel from a couple years back:
    • Random Geek: really really AFK

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 2 Feb 08
    • I will be in Italy (and then the Netherlands for) 10 days starting, well Monday, but in flight tomorrow. So going dark from when ever I go to sleep tonight until I get to my hotel.

      I will blog anything interesting I can think of assuming the wireless in the hotel plays nice.

      Till then,

      Be seeing you.