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    • Learning Korean

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 3 Feb 08
    • So. I'm trying to teach myself Korean; I've got some books and phrase books, and am now slowly working my way through the ABC's. Graph paper helps me write; otherwise I end up scrawling all over the place. Some part of me is tempted to learn to write it with my left hand, but I'm going to wait and decide upon handedness until after I've got the symbols matched with their sounds.

      So far my favorite letters are the ch'-sound letter, because it looks like a little man, and the h-sound because it looks like a man in a hat (sorry, I haven't gotten this computer up to par on languages, like my laptop- the laptop in question being setup for English, Romanian and Hungarian).

      I like learning new languages, or at least trying to; my mind likes having something to 'chew' on. Latin is my first and foremost linguistic love, and I am not too proud to say I'm less than mediocre at it, because I've been neglecting it in favor of working on Korean, and I don't want to get my languages crossed too much.
    • Happy Birthday Creig Flessel

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 3 Feb 08
    • Happy 96th birthday to comics industry giant Creig Flessel, an artist whose first published work was the cover of Detective Comics #2 (!) in 1937, and who played a big role in shaping DC's look in the very early years with numerous covers.

      Flessel continues to keep a hand in the industry to this day through conventions and commission work. Noting recently to the SF Chronicle that he still draws, he told the reporter, "at my age, what the hell else am I going to do?"

      Alter Ego cover by Flessel from a couple years back:
    • Random Geek: really really AFK

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 2 Feb 08
    • I will be in Italy (and then the Netherlands for) 10 days starting, well Monday, but in flight tomorrow. So going dark from when ever I go to sleep tonight until I get to my hotel.

      I will blog anything interesting I can think of assuming the wireless in the hotel plays nice.

      Till then,

      Be seeing you.
    • Random Geek: Anonymous Grows Up?

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 2 Feb 08
    • Roo tells me she has confirmation that Anonymous, or rather specifically Project Chanology, has obtained a permit to protest in Detroit. Talking to a few friends who inhabit the depths of 4chan, that seems to be generally the case.

      One showed me this. Its better to follow the link and read the rules for most people I suspect.

      These are not the words of the Anon I know (notes the keep the meme to a minimum request), these are the words of adult human beings with a real goal.

      I am getting more interested.
    • the trouble with twitter

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 2 Feb 08
    • The most interesting explanation for twitter's crankiness I've seen yet:

      twitter is down for the same reason that blogger went down all the time. it's being designed to maximize interestingness, not to maximize reliability. going down from time to time makes for a better corporate story..

      Speaking of small, focused little web apps, this looks interesting too. It doesn't do much, but it does fill a need for facilitating non-permanent bookmarks in a very simple way. Bookmarked links you use get marked as read and moved off the pile.
    • Z: TBH: Morning, Day 6

    • Posted by Z on 2 Feb 08
    • An enormous week looming over me in just two days. 9am, Monday morning, a hell of a week starts.

      I can't seem to get any work done.

      My brain won't ....
      ...what won't it do again?


      That's the word.

      Fuck this, I'm going to the farmer's market.

      - Z

      What are you doing today, and this weekend?
    • Who are you fooling?

    • Posted by Don Kelly on 2 Feb 08
    • Syndicated wasted time flickers before my eyes. The cat sighs, making a pillow of my right forearm. The snores of my brother/roommate rattle my closed bedroom door, the curse of his genes and paunch.

      Failure's whisper mutes Kellsey Grammar. Ah, that Frasier. Can't I just lie here, I wonder. Haven't I done enough today? Sure, I hate this fucking show, but Mercedes Ruehl is on, and I always loved her.

      The cat farts. I have my answer.