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    • Random Geek: A Well Played Attack on My Laziness

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 14 Apr 08
    • Ok

      I am being prodded to get off my ass, which is a friend is currently trying to drive me crazy. This cunning trick went right to my guilt at dropping this blog.

      Evil friend. That’s a movie isn’t it?

      Hmm. This is not interesting, not at all.

      So here is a plan of things I am supposed to talk about, saying it in public so I will have to write about them, or be yelled at.

      1) Chess - Go over the politics of Checkmate. This is what fizzled out and jammed for me. So slight delay. When? After issue 25 comes out, since I will re-read the whole thing. What issue 26? There is no issue 26 planned that I know of.
      2) Archetypes of the American Political Radical – Now with Guns - Looking at how the 7 Guns seem to match up to classical political protest positions both historically and currently. And saying that in a place where I can really look like an idiot.
      3). Secrets and Lies – Might do this one, might not. I want to go touch on the politics of “Who Goes There?” and other fifth column science fiction from then and now, and explain the noble history of Secret Invasion.
      4). Reviews – Sit down each week and say what I think about 3-4 books.

      This is in addition to whatever strikes me as funny.

      I notice all the examples above are in the vein of coming soon. So I need to brain storm for something to write in a more “now-ish” fashion. I think I will make the friend in question brainstorm with me. I will be cross-posting anything I write, both here and at my also currently inert my blog proper. It has the better name. Looks at friend, yes I know this one does not count.
    • Sketching

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 14 Apr 08
    • old man coyote

      Working on portfolio type pieces; and generally trying to get decent work. Here's a bit from what I did today over coffee; pen/ink (okay, Microns. Massive amounts of micron dots). I hate stippling. But I can't deny the effects of it are nice.
    • My Morning With Z...

    • Posted by tedcroland on 13 Apr 08
    • FIRST OFF: I DESPISE FIREFOX RIGHT NOW. I just typed a whole post about this, hit backspace to fix something, and even though I was had a text box selected, it made me return to the previous page and lose everything. AARGH.


      After waking up this morning, and beginning to get ready, I checked here and noticed that Z had arrived in Petaluma early, and then left my house. When I arrived, Z was working on a cell phone and sitting next to the railing blocking off the old railroad bridge next to the river. Z looks a bit different than I expected, so when I was waved over, I was a little surprised, but that didn't last long.

      I had a wonderful time. We just sat and talked for a couple hours, so enveloped in the conversation that I didn't even want or remember to get something to drink. Z had already gotten coffee, so there was no need for me to go inside for anything anyway.

      Z is better at socializing than is promoted. Very intelligent and articulate, that one. Many things were covered in our conversation, including the politics of friendships and interaction on the internet, stories of meeting and interacting with comics professionals, the importance of showmanship in popular (or any, really) musicians populate a longer list of things talked about.

      I hope we can do it again sometime.

      That said, this is a call to Whitechaplers out there! I am too poor to go much of anywhere, so if any of you come up near me, let me know! I would love to meet many of you, but the chances of me being able to do that without you coming to me are extremely low. I have nothing against traveling, I'm just a poor college student and would not be able to make it happen.

      I really wish that I could make it to Chicago. I'm sure you guys will have a great time out there.
    • Quiet Time

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 12 Apr 08
    • I feel quiet. Withdrawn. I'm settling back into drawing and writing. It draws me more than the 'net right now. And reading. Massive amounts of reading. I feel myself, and comfortable with it and my talents like I haven't in some time- a lingering effect of my vacation, perhaps. I feel like it is okay to be me, even if most people don't understand it, or can't. They don't have to. I might not be rich or famous or super productive. But.. I'm sick of trying to be something I'm not. I'm an artist. I'm a writer. I'm a poet. I am not the failure I fear myself to be, on so many dark nights.

      I can create things. Beautiful things. Horrible things. Strange things. There are tales rattling around in my skull like thunder.

      ...and that's what I'm going off to do.

      Because it's a night like the middle of winter in spring, and the stars are bright, the sky is black, and it's fucking beautiful.

      My kitty, Fate
      p.s. Here's a picture of my cat.
    • In the Garden

    • Posted by Spiraltwist on 12 Apr 08

    • The garden, it is empty in this photo. Sadly, some well-meaning but misguided relative decided to "help" me plant and has planted some already. (Don't even get me started - I'm still pissed about it!)

      And Ariana, thanks for the hay tip - it's going to come in handy.

      I'm going home to add and finish it up. Picture when done.

      The garden wants to be seen. The plants say so. Who am I to argue?
    • Painting Abuse

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 12 Apr 08
    • coffee
      Allright, boys and girls and people of other gender, age and social identifications, I did a small watercolor for fun for the local (not great) coffee shop a while back. December 7, if my blog has anything to say about it. It's not my favorite piece, but at this point in time I'm happy with it. I take the painting there, and it's in a new el-cheapo walmart frame, with glass, and every thing's swank and happy.

      I visit the painting today, and find out that a) the glass is missing, no one knows what's up with that, and the frame's a bit knocked-about looking, with some dents and dings to it. The painting itself is fine. b) no one seems to know what happened to it, or care.

      One of the kids suggests laminating the watercolor to 'fix it'. Because, yaknow, coating it in plastic fixes all things.

      *headdesk* the painting's back home, now.
    • Strange Things Are Afoot at Ralphs Supermarket

    • Posted by Egon on 11 Apr 08
    • So I'm going down the street to my friendly neighborhood supermarket when some jerk cuts me off, but he turned right into the entrance further down. His route took longer but he drove fast. I simply drove smarter and we parked at the same time. Walking up to the entrance, I made sure to cut him off.

      Fuck that guy.
    • there was a mouse

    • Posted by vg on 11 Apr 08
    • ...sitting in my garage this afternoon. I opened the door so it could leave and left myself; when I came back, my neighbor's kid was lobbing chunks of dirt into my garage, hoping to hit it, and despite being pelted by multiple bits of dirt it hadn't moved an inch. While shooing the kid out of the driveway, it dawned on me that the mouse really didn't look all that well, what with the dirt and the not moving and all; I'd turned to check it out and was debating calling someone when my brother came by and poked the mouse with a broom, at which point it promptly had something of a seizure and I guess died?

      It was quite sad to watch; I feel guilty now.
    • Bat Coffee

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 11 Apr 08
    • bat coffee
      So, I've been working on drawings for the AoE guidebook; a little reason for me to get out and about, drawing animals again, and, heck, anthros are fun to draw, too. Got asked over coffee what I was drawing, decided on whim "Bat and Coffee!" and kids appeared from nowhere to observe the finishing up of this drawing, and a raccoon skull that I also did. I was practically slathered in kind words- something I'm still not wholly comfortable with, but it was nice; and being with a gang of art loving kiddos in a warm, cozy coffee shop isn't that bad. I have no clue who the family was, but it was one of the best behaved groups I've seen there in a very long time.
    • Photoblag, dagnabit.

    • Posted by Ben on 10 Apr 08
    • So it turns out that I'm not going to have any time to do much of anything as far as my free time goes this month. One very large deadline just got jumped forward a month and another lead time was a complete lie. This means I get to be exhausted and daydream of curling up and dying for most of my free time. Also, booze.