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    • um, so, has anyone seen an hour running around?

    • Posted by WaxPoetic on 26 Mar 08
    • because i've lost one.

      i left my home at 12:50pm and arrived to work at 2:10pm which is only believable if I had walked and stopped at the library and the coffee house and jake's (for smokes). Only i rode my bicycle and did not deviate from the straight line path going from my apartment house to downtown. i only have one clock in my place and when you push accidentally on the hour button up top, it goes forward an hour, not back.

      my friend doesn't seem to think that i have need of being as freaked out by this as i am and i think otherwise.

      timewarps aren't really new, but losing an entire hour (if you figure the ride takes me about 20 minutes when i don't dawdle) is, well, i'm good and flipped...

      so, listen, if you find it - well, enjoy it.
    • I fail at (first) life.

    • Posted by radicaldoubt on 26 Mar 08
    • I have been an epic failure when it comes to life recently (college has been sufficiently kicking my ass all semester), therefore I decided to re-install Second Life and forget about all my problems by attending virtual raves and buying things I could never afford in real life.

      And whooo-boy, things sure have changed in the 8 months or so that I've been gone. Many of the places I used to frequent have been relocated or destroyed completely. Now I am finding myself standing amid a bunch of n00bz who are being mocked and punted around (literally) by big ol' meanies with spiffy looking avatars.

      My question/point is, where the hell are all the cool places in SL hiding??
    • Random Ranting

    • Posted by Andre Navarro on 25 Mar 08
    • I've already mentioned, once or twice, that I can be unbelievably stupid. It happens usually when I just woke up. I'm a retard for at least thirty minutes after I open my eyes.

      Today, I went to sleep five hours ago (18:00). I was tired due to the previous night, in which I slept very little. It had been a full day, which I spent in a hurry, late for several things, in locations too near to take a cab or a bus. So I had walked in a steady fast-pace all day. I was exhausted when I came home and I immediately went to bed.

      Maybe due to that or the position I was sleeping in, I woke up four hours ago with a strange pain in my left calf muscles. This had happened before and resulted in a painful day. But I had just woke up and didn't remember it. Instinctively, I oustretched my leg.

      I screamed for about half a minute as my calf contracted into an earth-shattering cramp. Last time this had happened, the excruciating pain lasted two minutes, but this time the aftermath was worse. I couldn't walk. I couldn't even think of stretching my left calf.

      Knowing I'd have to be walking tomorrow, I hopped ridiculously on my right foot across the apartment and up the stairs. For mistake, I hopped two steps at once and hit my knee, fucking my left leg a little bit more. Once upstairs, I got an aerosol spray called GELOL. It's for relieving muscular pain. It causes a burning sensation, not as unpleasant as it sounds, on the sprayed area. I hopped downstairs with no accidents this time, sat on my bed, sprayed it on my calf and used both hands to spread it. Then I lied back down and relaxed, wondering if I could go back to sleep after all that. What I did next settled it.

      Forgetting I still had GELOL on my fingers, I scratched my eyes.

      Another half minute of screaming later, I hopped desperately to the bathroom and washed my eyes with water. Then I picked up something - I don't know the name in English - and squeezed a few drops in each eye. The area around my eyes burned, but not as much as my hatred at my own stupidity. I tried going back to sleep, which obviously didn't work. I could almost hear my subconscious saying, "c'mon, man, don't even try it". Now, here I am, waiting for my sleepiness to come back to me... which, knowing myself like I do, probably won't happen.
    • Micro Fiction

    • Posted by Chris M Ferguson on 25 Mar 08
    • ‘Ello! I’ll be at my site at least one (hopefully) twice a week test-driving Micro Fiction (short stories too short to be called short stories) so I can try and get a few ideas in front of me and see what they become.

      There is currently one on-going series titled “Audio Persona” and right now I’m just seeing where it’s going. All the Micro Fiction posts will be archived so don’t worry about missing anything.

      Please comment and let me know what you think. Criticisms and advice help the stories more than silence.

      The site is
    • Some incredibly important notes.

    • Posted by Will Couper on 25 Mar 08
    • I'm very excited. Yesterday I made brownies. From scratch, no less.

      So much dark chocolate, it was an entire brothel's worth, I'm sure.

      And these treats are wonderfully cakey and moist just as brownies are supposed to be. I am rightly proud.

      Oh yeah and I sent the novel away to the first agent on my list or something.