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    • Random Geek: Stark Contrast (3) - Punch the Bastard

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 17 Feb 08
    • A confession.

      I bought Thor #3 to see JMS have Marvel's take on the God of Thunder punch Tony Stark in the face. Of course, if you wanted to see some random hero take a moral high ground to Iron Man around that time you could have walked in to a capes biased comic store and thrown a dart at the shelves.

      Iron Man has been a very easy target for quick moral thrills these days. And there is a very good reason for this, if you strip away all the spandex and bright colors you have a man who, within the context of the narrative did the following:

      He organized and fronted a movement, in part via deceit and in great part via betrayal, where individual right were subsumed within a doctrine of forced military service, where individual choices are subservient to the needs of a state organization. Where those who refused to submit were thrown into a jail without trial or due process.

      JMS has a long creative history on this topic. To the say the least, he is not a fan of black armbands and forced servitude because of who you are. But its hard to beat Thor - poster boy of historical assholes - doing the punching.

      So despite the many choices to laugh as the fascist being made a fool of, Thor #3 seemed a solid pick.
    • Random Geek: Overheard

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 17 Feb 08
    • I share this in a simple attempt that by giving it to other people its less something just I heard. So, overheard in a comic store last night (I had forgotten to order a copy of The Boys):

      Person 1: "If I ever get to write X-men I the first thing I will do is bring back Jean Grey. And if an editor says no I will punch him in the face"

      Person 2: "Yeah and she should have red and white streaked hair"

      This is why I order my comics on-line.
    • Movie Review - No Country For Old Men

    • Posted by Andre Navarro on 16 Feb 08

    • How do you know a movie is spectacular? If you ask me, when you go watch it with unbelievably high hopes and you still love it. NCFOM left me emotionally broken, a feeling which I love. This is probably the Coens' best work, and that's a huge compliment.

      The story is simple. It's a mere excuse. The man running from a deadly killer is not the focus here. The meaning behind that is. Beggining with a sad monologue from Sheriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jones), the movie soon makes clear what its subject is: violence.

      Therefore, considering Anton Chigurh a supporting character makes no sense. He's the center of NCFOM. The whole movie is about him, about his personality, about his cruelty. And casting Javier Bardem for the role was perfect. Bardem is absolutely brilliant. With a calm voice, his Anton Chigurh makes perfectly clear when he's angry just through his eyes. His clothes and hairdo make him more disturbing, but even wearing a dress Bardem's Chigurh would still be threatening. The actor's performance is full of subtleties that mix together into one full, incredibly powerful character.

      Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones excel at their roles too. Brolin, as Llewelyn Moss, never wastes a good line and acts with a great naturality. Jones has some of the best lines in the film, and his excellent timing made me laugh several times. At the same time, Jones' performance at grimmer scenes is touching and real. Kelly MacDonald and Woody Harrelson don't have as much screen time, but they also shine.

      As for the direction, Joel and Ethan Coen once again show they were born for this. The movie's filled with outstanding images and elegant camera movements that never get in the way of the story, just enrich it. The landscapes are breathtaking, and they are important in creating that feeling of loneliness which is so important for the story. Another thing that contributes to that is the lack of any background music, instead using sound effects with great efficiency to cause tension (bip-bip-bip) or melancholy (the wind). The action scenes are brilliantly shot and edited. There's no shaky cameras here (yes, that means FUCK YOU, TONY SCOTT), every frame is precise, making the scenes perfectly easy to follow.

      And also, we have the Coen's typical sense of humor. The movie's filled with brilliant lines, many of them adapted word by word from McCarthy's original novel. But the way it is shot just makes it even funnier. When Carson Wells (Harrelson) asks what Moss did with the money, Moss' response is the best line of the movie. Even Chigurh is, sometimes, funny with his coldness and weird sense of humor.

      And the ending? Perfect. Bloody perfect. A kick in Hollywood's balls. Best ending possible, really. It summarizes the whole point of the movie and book perfectly. And Sheriff Bell's final line is beautiful, a sad utopia. Icing on top of the cake.

      Just goes to show that, when you're sick of Hollywood's cliches and formulas, you can always trust the Coens to tell their stories the way THEY want it to tell, not in a way that'll make the audience feel "comfortable".
    • Best PornBot EVER.

    • Posted by Jay Kay on 15 Feb 08
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    • Hmmmm....

    • Posted by Don Kelly on 15 Feb 08
    • I was lying in bed just now considering this 1/2 hour I have before work and this sentence comes to me:

      "He holds the small silver blade against his forearm and thinks of childhood."

      People give me money because I'm entertaining, but, really, I'm quite gloomy.

      Just realized it.
    • Fun with Second Life sex

    • Posted by roque on 15 Feb 08
    • NOW I remember why I used to play on Second Life. it brings the funny.

      so I teleport to this place called "Make Love Sex Room," for absolutely no reason other than the name. it is, in fact, a gigantic room full of sex poseballs... and people standing around ineptly trying to get other people to use said poseballs with them.

      I watch and listen to the conversations with real inward hilarity. occasionally one avatar jumps spastically on top of another one and they flail for a bit, then one of them flies across the room. this is accompanied by mechanized body part announcements such as "Studman326 Liberace cums all over the place!!" how, uh, nice for him.

      I get propositioned a few times in various languages. I decline these offers with FAR more courtesy than they're worth.

      and then I see them: the bukkake poseballs. one pink poseball in the middle labeled something like "Get Sticky," and eight blue poseballs in a circle around it.

      this, I have to see. but alas, no takers!

      [8:40] You: OK, I've just got to try this one out. Who wants to bukkake me??!??!!
      [8:41] You: Anyone?
      [8:41] You: C'mon, drench me in your monkey sperm! You know you want to!
      [8:42] You: Splooge all over my hairy pink tarantula!

      amazingly enough, no one jumps at my delicious offer. I give up and go wandering around. NOW I am approached by a veritable Cyrano of seduction:

      [8:44] ape Mayo: hi
      [8:44] You: Hi.
      [8:44] ape Mayo: fuk?
      [8:45] You: Ahahahaha no, thanks.
    • Friends

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 15 Feb 08
    • Good friends aren't afraid to point out that you accidentally drew six fingers on your drawing, instead of the normal five.

      I need to be more careful when I draw in the morning/latelate at night. (bad picture in comments).