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    • Z: TBH: Morning, Day 1

    • Posted by Z on 28 Jan 08
    • Did you think you could scare me off with a bit of rewarmed drama?

      No, no, no, no, no. You don't understand.

      I like it here. I'm not going anywhere.

      Sit. Sit down.

      Let's really have a conversation. I'll tell you about my morning, and then you tell me about yours, okay? That's simple enough.

      My morning went a little something like this: woke up with a swollen knee, couldn't be bothered to crawl in and out of the tub. Dampened a much too cold towel with icy water that sputtered out of the faucet against its will; scrubbed down in the dark in front of the sink while the cat yowled the morning gossip at me. Got dressed, remembered the bullshit that ensued the last time I posted to this Blog thing, reconsidered briefly, decided 'fuck it', Monday's no day for making decisions. By the time I'd worked boots onto sore and scratched up legs, was late late late. Got the morning fix at Starbucks, ran to the train, spilled a bit of coffee, and launched myself at the doors Die Hard style.

      Got to the office. When I opened my four inboxes this morning it was bullshit all over. Need a shovel, elbow length latex gloves and waders.

      In the absence of any real motivation, I plan on beating my knee with my fist until I have no choice but to focus on my very bright computer screen to avoid curling into a little ball on the office floor.


      Your turn. Tell me about your morning, your day, your big plans this week.

      - Z
    • Starting the day with a world news of Violence

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 28 Jan 08
    • It is 10:12 am when I start writing this. I've had approximately 6 hours of sleep. The first story Reuters scrolls to my feed-reader is about 19 people who were burned to death locked inside a house in Naivasha on Sunday. The article states the death toll is now over 800, and its not the only place in the world that seems to be getting more violent. Most of the news in my feeder, with the exception of those dealing with the arts & tech (A category I've put in) seems to paint a tragic picture of a world falling towards increased violence and chaos. Do journalists dream of dystopian sheep?

      19 people are burned to death. Pakistani kids are held hostage by crazed gunmen (they are later freed) and 5 more US Soldiers are killed in Iraq by insurgents. I shouldn't blame Reuters. It's not the journalists' fault that people do crazy things, and aren't treating other people like, well, people.

      According to scientist Robin Dunbar 150 is the maximum number of folks we can really, truly give a shit about, so when faced with news of people dying in areas far from us, people we don't know and who have no overtly obvious impact upon our lives, its easy to just not care. Sure, we'll gape, and say the socially appropriate "Oh, how Sad! How Tragic, how Horrifying!" But I don't think we really care. Its not our friends being killed. It's some stranger. And inside, I think more than a few of us are glad its not us, its not one of our friends. We can turn off the news feed and radio, walk away from the TV, and pretend it didn't happen. Because it didn't happen to anyone we know, no one in our little monkeysphere.

      Good morning, everyone.
    • dissociative state

    • Posted by roque on 28 Jan 08
    • I woke up this morning feeling like a complete stranger to my own life.

      I've spent all day trying to deal with this and it hasn't gone away. I feel like some alien presence is inhabiting my brain and going, "What the fuck? This is no kind of life. How can I change this?"

      or to put it another way, This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.

      I can't live like this for one more day. I want to do something drastic, but there's nothing drastic within my power to do. I have no control over my life and don't know what I'd do if I did.
    • Sad

    • Posted by Spiraltwist on 28 Jan 08
    • I just realized I left my mp3 player in the car and I don't feel like walking back to the car to get it. And today they are playing country on the gym radio. Ugg. Maybe I'll make that trip to the car anyway.
    • Monday Morning

    • Posted by Mark Seifert on 28 Jan 08
    • I was telling a friend recently that I've been meaning to do this for awhile -- a little blogging aside from the and twitter stuff. Timing's a little funny though, as my at-large surfing has dropped dramatically since Avatar helps host so many interesting sites ourselves these days. And of course you know what's right around the corner, and a few weeks after that-- we'll be launching another site with someone else you'll be interested to hear from.

      But, a few links of recent interest this morning:

      Been dying to find the time to throw this block of 1983 MTV on my spare machine and watch it in the background. Hope there's some Martha Quinn in there though.

      Just spent a few minutes catching up with Mick Farren's blog. Farren is the author of the Renquist Quartet among other things, and someone you might like since you've found your way to Whitechapel.

      These recent reddit developments interest me, as I've often wondered what you'd get if you did the digg thing more focused. Say, based around people who read Avatar books. Always meant to play with pligg, but something we've never quite found the time for.
    • Monkeys get all the cool shit...

    • Posted by Don Kelly on 28 Jan 08
    • So, I'm reading this article about sleep deprivation and how they have monkeys snorting the hormone that sleeplessness exhausts. Test group monkeys stay as refreshed as well rested monkeys for up to 36 hours. Placebo monkeys with nothing but Starbucks and standard nasal spray become edgy bastards in the same time frame.

      This research has the catchy title of "sleep replacement drugs," and is funded by Darpa so we can fight wars longer and work longer days and such.

      Still, I could use a bottle now since I have no sleep substitute and self-medicate with too much coffee.

      Working on the first of two stories for Clarion, both new drafts of first drafts from last year. '07 wasn't a good creative year and I shut it down by June. But, these were good nuggets. Just need some polish is all.

      If history holds I will be typing until the March 1st deadline. Part of me whispers gleeful malevolence that this will not happen. That I will blow yet another deadline, my history of the last couple of years.

      Then another part of me wants to know if I'm joking. School? Fucking school? You've been represented. You've had meetings. You've been to the parties. Shook the hands. Talked the shit.

      Yup. I have. I've also burned the old bridges. Fired the old people. Things like Clarion worked in the past. Got me discovered the first time. Might work again. Besides, it might be nice to live in San Diego for six weeks with nothing to do but write.

      Guess I better finish the stories, then.

      Maybe I should write one about a monkey whose consciousness slowly evolves over the 36 hours he's awake and refreshed for. The doctors note his sudden loss of interest in mundane monkey pursuits like masturbation and shit flinging. He sits alone, contemplative, staring at the camera suspended from the ceiling. The doctors shudder, wondering whose studying who.

      And the monkey wonders whether he should post his thoughts under a Creative Commons license.
    • I Hate Technology

    • Posted by alwayscrashing on 28 Jan 08
    • I’ve been having odd issues with my Virgin Media TV box. Sometimes it starts moving around the menus, canceling and starting programs at random. I had thought it was overheating so I moved my hard drives away from it to make it run cooler and keep the vents at the side clear. It got a little better so I assumed it was the heat but it still did it sometimes so I thought it must be faulty and was going to call Virgin Media but now I have discovered the problem…


      I was watching something on the ‘On Demand’ service and stood up to charge my iPod in the dock. Which is on the shelf with my VCR, DVD and Virgin Media box. As soon as I moved the iPod near it it cancelled the program I had on and then went on a bare-arsed, screaming bender around the menus until it hit a brick wall and couldn’t do anything more.

      “Odd..”, I thought to myself.

      I set it back to the main menu and them moved the iPod near to it again. The same happened. I tried it with another iPod. Same again. The iPods weren’t even on, they were in sleep mode. I just tried and my mobile phone does the same thing to it.

      Do people even bother testing devices for interference any more? Or to see if they interfere with other things?

      I am going to have to work out a way of keeping sufficient distance between things now… I doubt I’ll be able to move the hard drives back onto the shelf where the iPods go either seeing as they caused a problem too.

      I hate you, Virgin Media. I hate you in the face with knives.
    • Five More Minutes

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 27 Jan 08
    • "Resurrection Daily" This is what I think of when I start my day. I don't wake up with some chipper Pollyanna ease, a bucket of smiles. I usually don't wake up with a smile on my face. Usually I check the clock, to see if I can sleep for another half hour, and hide back under the massive pile of blankets.

      I've been told my IQ is pretty high (Gifted). I've been told I have a lot of talent. I know a lot of random things about random topics, have a BFA, and nearly a B.S. in Bio, and really? it doesn't matter.

      What does matter is that I do get up in the morning. I leave my bed, turn off my alarm clock and get on with life.
      I'm not rich. I'm not famous. And, contrary to the belief of co-workers, I am not a Just and Vengeful God of washing dishes.

      I'm just another girl, a grab bag of merits and flaws. And the first thing that goes through my mind when I wake up in the morning is not some witty, pithy remark. It's "Oh god. Time to wake up again? Can't I have Five More Minutes?!"

      What can I say? My bed is comfy. But I can't stay there forever. Life calls.