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    • The Old Photoblag : 2

    • Posted by Ben on 31 Jan 08
    • myeong-dong

      If my memory serves me right, this one is from the hoity-toity shopping district of Myeong-dong. People everywhere on any given day. About two streets over it got really bad. The Levi's store, American Apparel and a whole fuckton of people milling about. You could barely walk in a straight line if you had the bad luck of being down there during the busy hours. Which is why it struck me as very odd to hear the familiar roar of a harley. In a place like Seoul you rarely see choppers, or tattooed people, as people will automatically assume you're part of a gang. So it was pretty damned scary to hear this thing and then see it slowly roaring it's way right through the middle of the crowd. People were almost diving to get out of it's way. Partly because he was on a giant chunk of steel that would flatten you, and partly because the guy was wearing almost nothing besides leather chaps, a black leather vest and more nasty-looking tattoos than you could shake a stick at. We watched from an alley we had ducked into and just as if nothing was going on at all, a smooth black lexus calmly padded it's way through the newly-plouged hole. Ho, shit was about all I could think.
    • Tom Cruise Vs The Pope

    • Posted by Zandee on 31 Jan 08
    • I was sitting in the comfy brown leather chair of my favorite coffee bar on the internet minding my own business. When through a small game of link hop-scotch I found a site detailing the latest hair brained scheme of the Church of Scientology. The only thing is latest isn't exactly the correct adjective.

      Apparently the CoS has been working top members of the staff into the Clergy. The Catholic Church was reluctant to disclose the name or names of these double-agent priest. The official word on this is that the Catholic Church will be keeping an eye on there flock.

      To me it sounds like there were several of these double-agents priest. It also sounds to me that the Catholic Church is about to go through another clam-shell game of find the priest. I clicked on the little next arrow to find that the site had gone down. I found one or two other sites that housed this article, but now they all seem to be gone.

      I wish I had screen captured it. If anyone can find the article please post it.
    • fuck me, it's windy

    • Posted by ___________ on 31 Jan 08
    • Ah, the joys of being in a rural locale. high winds and intermittent power. and worse, my ears are of the bass-enhanced sticking out variety*, and bugger me if that wind isn't fecking cold.

      * if your ears aren't of the extra bass variety, cup your hands behind them and push them to the fore, you will notice that everything sounds a bit better. more oomph. it's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I hope to hit 'post entry' before the power cuts off again. here goes...
    • Z: TBH: Morning, Day 4

    • Posted by Z on 31 Jan 08
    • This morning I had McDonalds for breakfast, and shared the following images on a post on another board, on a thread about villains:
      I decided to ask my 12 year old self, since all of my favourite villains tend to be played by Willem Dafoe, Steve Buscemi, & Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

      Back in the day, I might have said:

      Yes folks, that's two Claws for the price of one. It's craw- craw!

      Before anyone tries to out-geek me on this, yeah I didn't forget-

      -however, Nimoy Agent of KAOS can't touch the mighty Craw.

      And speaking of claws, there's always:

      But for halloween costumes, you can't beat:

      - Z

      I'm eating hashbrowns, bitter orange juice from concentrate (nasty), and coffee.

      My stomach hates me.

      - Z

      Tell me about your villains.
    • Random Geek: Packing Day

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 31 Jan 08
    • This is not a funny post or a geeky one.

      Spending the day running errands and getting things sorted for my trip the coming week. I got a pile of documents in the mail just now, to bring with, which weigh a shit ton and need space in the suitcase....


      Anyway, I will be on Euro time for a 10 days starting Monday.

      How is everyone else then?
    • How to Use the WC Chat Room for Beginners

    • Posted by Andre Navarro on 31 Jan 08
    • I've grown incredibly fond of the WC chat room. I already thought the forum was full of incredibly intelligent people, and the chat room confirmed that. When possible, every night I log in and most times the conversation is either fun or intelligent or both. I've come to known some amazing people that I regret not being able to meet face to face (although not completely, since when I go meet someone, I always forget to shave).

      But Gabbly, the chat service Whitechapel uses, likes fucking with us, and we've come up with some expressions of our own. So, for those who plan to use to chat room, a small guide:

      1 - You can't see them, but they can see you

      Gabbly has the annoying habit of making your name disappear from the name list, although people can still read what you write. Logging in and out usually solves the problem, or just typing something random on the name box and then typing your name again (that usually makes someone ELSE disappear, but hey, every motherfucker for himself). So if you've got a grudge against anyone, be sure he's not hidden in the chat room before telling everyone how much of a cunt he is.

      2 - When someone leaves, it doesn't mean shit

      Do not be fooled. Gabbly is a treacherous bastard. Sometimes, it will announce that someone has left, and meanwhile the person's still in there, but has now turned invisible (see above). So, when someone leaves, don't immediately say, "what a cunt". Also, sometimes a person leaves several times without ever logging in. That's Gabbly fucking with you.

      3 - When a person suddenly leaves without saying goodbye...

      ... his/her connection probably hiccuped and he/she'll log back in in seconds. That or he/she is an impolite bastard.

      4 - Raccoon Testicles

      It is believed those words, when written in the chat, will summon Warren. It happened once. It was very creepy. So when someone (usually me) announces randomly RACCOON TESTICLES, don't be surprised. It's normal. We're trying to come up with a summon word for Ariana. So far, all of them failed.

      5 - Turtle

      Our defense against spammers. How? Well, I'm not going to tell you everything.

      6 - Tractors

      Our sworn enemies. If you see someone write "TRACTOR TURTLE CARP", don't worry. It's just our hate for tractors being manifested.

      7 - Don't refresh your browser

      It makes you log out and then in again.

      8 - Backspace is not your friend

      Sometimes you press backspace and instead of erasing your text it goes back to the previous page. So be sure to see if that little vertical line thingie is flashing in the text box before you press backspace.

      9 - AFK

      When someone has AFK written next to their name on the name list, it means they are Away From Keyboard, in case you're unfamiliar with the term.

      10 - Your words may be logged

      Once someone complained about a piece of chat being saved and posted in the WC Chat Room Thread. Warren's response to this was:


      THE CHAT HAS AN RSS FEED YOU BLOODY IDIOTS. If you don't want to be logged, don't go in there.

      You are now ready to venture in the bizarre land we call Whitechapel Market.
    • The Old Photoblag : 1

    • Posted by Ben on 31 Jan 08
    • I've never been able to keep a journal for long, yet I love to collect and perfect my life stories. This project will go on for one month. I'm going to go through my old photos and tell you a story about each and every one. These are things that happened to me, names will be changed to give some sort of privacy. I'll update Monday to Friday. So, without further ado, we begin The Old Photoblag.


      This is from when I was living in Seoul, South Korea. A number of these photos are from that time, because I began my picture-taking obsession while I was there.

      Those buildings are totally empty. They're nothing but poured concrete. It was the creepiest thing that I've ever seen. If you were to turn around, you would have seen the cheesy-ass amusement park that is Lotte World. The day this was taken, someone got trampled to death trying to get in to the park. Which meant the police tried to keep the area clear, which meant that people just crowded more and more. I never thought I'd see a riot consisting of angry tweens, but I have. Unfortunately none of the pictures of that even came close to coming out.