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    • Pop Culture Asylum

    • Posted by edyhdrawde on 27 Jan 08
    • You know I read comics, and I'm just an average Joe. But I figured that I would review a comic or two each week. Will it help you choose a new title to read that you might not normally pick up? Maybe. Will it give me something to do, when I should be doing something else? Most likely.

      First, I just want to give a quick review of Messiah CompleX, yes I capitalized the X at the end. I enjoyed the storyline a good deal. I thought it was well thought out. I liked the tough team leader Cyclops. While "Slim" has never been one of my favorite X-Men, this recent change in him is a pleasant change. Not sure what I think of the new "X-Force" though, but I like Crane's art so we shall see. I would prefer Kyle and Yost stay on New X-Men. I like the idea of Bishop gone bad. Not sure I like the "M" on Madrox's face now. There were no big deaths. My one issue with the story's end, just as I had the same problem with the end of House of M. I was just waiting for Cyclops to utter "No more X-Men" ala Scarlet WItch's "no more mutants", I enjoyed where they went with the story after House of M and hopefully I will feel the same about the X-Men, but in both cases it felt a little out of place, especially that Cyclops would end the X-Men with.

      Okay, so I have rambled on incoherantly enough for now. I'm getting ready to sit down and read Virgin Comics, The Stranded. I'll pass along my opinion afterward.
    • Warning: Random Geek

    • Posted by TechnocratJT on 27 Jan 08
    • Ok, off the fence.

      Lets see how long I can keep this up.

      Advance warning friends, I plan to use this to sequester my geekery in a box where it can be prodded and studied safely without the need to infect other places or threads with, say, a 5 paragraph guess as to what Warren is doing with X-men. (See a thankfully closed thread for that).

      For the most part, I expect I will use this to ramble and review things in pop culture that currently are obsessing me. And comment on law and politics as it moves me to do so.

      Or forget about it and feel guilty for not updating.

      One or the other.
    • Z: TBH redux

    • Posted by Z on 27 Jan 08
    • You know where I lurk. Or you don't, and you don't want to know.

      Here's where I'll shout.

      Today I feel like shouting about my busted fucking knee. But I won't just yet, because I'm busy eating a turkey sandwich with french swiss cheese made on bread baked today.

      It is my little victory today.

      - Z
    • Whitechapel Orchestra

    • Posted by offtandiscord on 27 Jan 08
    • So i've had a few submissions already, thank you Malsain, frenchbloke, robinleblanc, Radian and OctEgon. It's half falling into place very nicely and half being twisted and turned in slightly awkward directions tha i hope will be smoothed out once more material has been gathered.

      to be fair, my mixing skills aren't wonderful, which is partly why i wanted to start this project, also i wanted to start collaborating with more people and also had had ideas like this in the past but never the right opportunity to pull it off until now, so thank you all for that one!

      keep it coming, i'll keep it updated, so far i've used everything i've been given and i really hope to keep it that way!

    • Hello

    • Posted by Andre Navarro on 27 Jan 08
    • First chat entry, so right off the bat:

      I'll rarely bother you with details of my uninspiring life, unless something actually inspiring happens in it. I prefer offering links, discussing news, writing reviews to comics, movies and books, posting the occasional funny picture, etc.

      Warren and Ariana, you two rock. Thank you for the blog feature.

      And to start off: this website below seriously needs funny people. Take a look at the "winners" in the ranking and you'll understand what I mean. Give 'em a taste of the Whitechapel sense of humor.
    • <_< >_>

    • Posted by Egon on 27 Jan 08
    • Uh...hello out there. I guess I'll type a blog.

      :: cracks knuckles :: *ahem*

      My brother, Kirk, got a new car the other day. He originally picked up 2003 Lincoln town car. It was really nice looking and I can tell Kirk really really dug it...until it started showing signs of engine problems the very next day. He went back to the dealership and went agro on all of them. Didn't come back until about 8pm with a new Scion tC. It's not bad looking at all. Certainly better than those stupid box cars they put out.

      He made breakfast this morning and I played the Obama speech on YouTube via the Nintendo Wii. it was my passive-aggressive way of getting him to think about the state of the country. He's got his flaws, if you look hard enough, but he's easily the best candidate left running. (Sorry, Kusinich)

      Went to a housewarming party for a friend last night. Not going to name names here, but one of my other friends there had a smoking hot blond with him, which turned him into the biggest douche bag I've put up with in recent memory. Any chance to break balls, he was there, hoping to look cool in front of her. wtf man? Where are your social skills?

      Also, the Corinado at Newport is easily the biggest and most confusing apartment complex I have ever stepped foot in. And they come with giant HD every apartment!! I played Guitar Hero 3 on XBox360 with a 50" screen about 2 feet from my face. I'm still cleaning pieces of melted brains out of my ears.

      Ok. Coffee is kicking in rather well now. I'm going to get back to writing in Final Draft. I'm out.