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    • Storytime with GovSpy

    • Posted by government spy on 17 Oct 11
    • I've put a lot of stories about my real life on Whitechapel, and some of you guys seem to enjoy them. So I've started writing them down, bit by bit, and occasionally they fit a topic on the boards. I recently wrote a few that don't fit anywhere specifically, so I thought I would put them in the blog space (which doesn't have a word limit!). Hope you enjoy!
    • The continuing story of running a public discussion group...

    • Posted by John Skylar on 22 Aug 11
    • I just somehow managed to create a good time for 40ish people and four Internet celebrities while on five and a half hours sleep and no dinner.

      I'm proud of this achievement and wanted to share it with you, but it also feels very important to note that much more credit goes to each and every one of the aforementioned people. I just poked it a bit when it got off topic.


      Also, somewhat the real purpose of this post: The Way Station in Brooklyn is a steampunk bar run by all manner of awesome people.
    • WhitechapelGuide

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 11 Aug 11
    • I'm working on a guide to whitechapel in my offtime.
      Sorta a chronicle of it's history, famous/infamous threads and discussions, people, and what NOT TO DO. So far I'm looking at making it into a .pdf and just shoving it up on my webspace.

    • One poem a day

    • Posted by Straiit on 17 Jul 11
    • So.
      I have been writing since 96, sometimes stories sometimes lyrics and most of the time poetry.
      Now I have finaly made a blog, if you could call it that. I will publish one poem every day, sometimes it will be a lyric, sometimes a short story, most of the time a poem.
      Who knows, maby there will be a song or two in the future.
      Hit the link and put it in your RSS reader or something like that, it wont be much, but perhaps it will brighten your day.

      There is no design to speak of, perhaps that will change, perhaps it will not, who knows what the future holds.