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    • Chung Mong joon was the fifa 16 coins investigation donation case

    • Posted by fifaber on 19 Sep 15
    • Two days earlier, Chung held a press fifa 16 coins conference in Paris, France, formally announced his campaign for FIFA president elections held on February 26 next year. Press conference, Chung claimed FIFA has been corruption, "dirty", vowing to eradicate corruption. Chairman Chung Mong-joon and attacked the new "Big Top", UEFA president Michel Platini, claiming that it is in 1998 with the support of Michel Platini, Blatter was first elected FIFA president, "That election NOW It is the root of all problems. "

      Chung even forthrightly claimed Platini support the new term as FIFA president, "but the AFC main Xisaerman personal opinion, does not represent the position of the AFC. " He advocated by the European-led international foot Old age should have turned associated articles, Asian origin, he is the Chairman of the competent candidate.

      Perhaps because too overwhelmed by the intensity of gunfire attack too much, Aug. 17, according to reports, the AFC has been brought to FIFA's ethics committee, Chung Mong-joon series of contributions during the 2010 case of the investigation, including the floods in Pakistan Pakistan occasion to donate $ 400, 000, and $ 500, 000 to the earthquake disaster in Haiti Haiti donation.

      Chung Mong-joon to Pakistan and Haiti in the implementation of donations in 2010, the international football community has made a series of important decisions. This year, FIFA vice-president Chung Mong-joon to run for the election of South Korea also is bidding for the 2022 World Cup. Korean media reproduced in this news Peng said, "From the timing point of view, is undoubtedly framed Chung Mong-joon and slander. "

      Currently, FIFA is tracking money donated to Pakistan's Chung Mong-joon, whether used in a football stadium construction on schedule. Another pen money donated to Haiti disaster revival will also be recourse whereabouts. And Chung Mong-joon, I did not seem to plague rumored for Fifa 16 Coins sale online the realization of the pre-election commitment to join all over 209 countries, we have now returned to Korea before the series ready to do the line.
    • To be strong in darkscape with enough cheapest darkscape gold

    • Posted by colarsy on 19 Sep 15
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    • Can't find Ronaldinho in FIFA 16 shocks fans

    • Posted by jamesbonds on 19 Sep 15
    • With the launch of the FIFA 16 Web App, we can see that there has been a lot of questions asked on where Ronaldinho is on FIFA 16.

      At the moment, Ronaldinho is not in FIFA 16 but the Brazilian leagues have already been confirmed for Fifa 16 account. With FIFA 16 not launched yet, there still remains hope that EA has just been slow and that after September 22 they will be performing a database update and adding Ronaldinho into the game.

      On FIFA 15, he was available for club Queretaro but despite the fact that Ronaldinho’s new club Fluminense is on FIFA 16 – Ronaldinho is not there yet as you can see below.

      Let’s just hope that this is a timing issue and not a personal one between Ronaldinho’s representatives and EA.

      Right now though, everybody is asking the same question on how to find Ronaldinho with Fifa 16 coins. Let us know if you have been searching for the player too and if you still have hope that he will be added later on after launch.

      If EA does add Ronaldinho to FIFA 16 in a transfer update, what overall rating should he have?
    • The up and down activity of the on-screen player

    • Posted by rsmoneyshop on 19 Sep 15
    • Players of Amazing Cheap FIFA 16 Coins Tennis choose their own abilities, as well as their stage of issues Forcing F6 allows the Simple Perform Method whereby the up and down cursors are affected, so it is only necessary for the player to use the staying and right cursors and the area bar.

      The up and down activity of the on-screen player will be automated in Simple Method To execute the advance Difficult Method, press F7 and players use all suggestion key elements to management multidirectional flexibility of the individual Note: Gamers on notebooks must press the operate key and the F key elements to pick issues level).

      Smashing Tennis provides a Coaching Method so that players can practice improving their goes and images, as well as become more familiar with the experience, before they start experiencing in Competitors Method (Tournament Method only available after purchase) With some training and a knowledge of key controls.
    • Buy fifa 16 coins is certainly the best-looking football title on the market

    • Posted by fifaber on 18 Sep 15
    • Nothing rocks the boat too much in terms of modes, as buy fifa 16 coins has shipped with the same suite of options as last year, but with tournament mode added back in. You’ll have the usual manager career and player career paths, and then there is exhibition, HUT, skill games and practice. It’s unfortunate that practice mode doesn’t let you play with a whole squad anymore, as I know some people used that feature to work on their playmaking and dribbling. The player is almost distorted. I hope that in the upcoming patches, EA will rectify this.

      What fifa 16 most impressed me about the new title is how animated the crowds are. They will cheer you as you score, or play clever tactics, dribble, pass and score. They will jeer your opponents, and sometimes even you. A lot of emphasis was put on making the crowd as believable as could have possibly been done. It is incredibly hard to find one supporter that looks exactly like another, so it seems like there are no “cardboard cut-outs”of fans this time round. There is also a greater level of detail on the pitch and the players themselves. Although at times when the camera focuses on one individual player, there seems to be an issue with the graphics fifa 16.

      Sometimes you’ll push a button to head the ball, and your player will swing his foot at it. Sometimes you’ll push a button to kick a cross in, and your player will damply head it no more than a few feet ahead of himself. Sometimes you’ll hold down the pass button for a couple of seconds to reach a distant player, and you’ll instead kick it a couple of feet towards the nearest, most pointless teammate. Sometimes you’ll press the through-ball button and push right, and the through-ball will target a player to your left. NOT HIM.

      On the pitch, EA have also improved their lighting system, which generally gives out a more realistic looking football match on a whole. Little animations, such as your teammates clapping you as you narrowly miss a chance, to your player’s head taking a bow as he continues to miss chances are also a nice touch from EA. With added celebrations and a vast amount of new animations, FIFA 16 is certainly the best-looking football title on the market.
    • Happy birthday for 113 legend years Real of cheapest fifa coins

    • Posted by fifaber on 18 Sep 15
    • cheapest fifa coins congratulates Real Madrid for its 113-year birthday.

      On 1902 March 6th, Madrid football club's first board of directors was formally established. Today, 113 years later, Real Madrid has grown into the world's leading sports club level, both in the sports arena or field, Real Madrid have a brilliant achievement. In recent years the club has won the Champions League. European Super Cup and the King's Cup, the golden trophy at every moment to demonstrate the nature of the championship chase Real Madrid.

      This four trophies with the club before the Gold Cup made dozens of dazzling together make up the Real Madrid trophy display cases. FIFA 15 coins are placed in front of the full weight of the Champions League 10 large ear cups. Real Madrid Champions League extraordinary passion, from the beginning of the tournament so far, the total number of the club's trophy no one can match his.

      Real Madrid get winning history also includes: seat Intercontinental Cup three times, two European Cup, two European Super Cup, two Copa Latina, 32 La Liga trophies, 19 King's Cup, nine Spanish Super Cup, 1 Block League Cup, two small World Cup, 18 regional league championship, five central regions Cup. The club still in 2000 was elected as the best club in FIFA centuries.

      Real Madrid fans will always be on the field to enjoy the world's most dazzling star dedication most exciting game, now this Real Madrid still meet this standard. C Ronaldo had successfully defended the Golden Globes in 2014, it was his third career award, trophy Real Madrid on the 7th place in the team in the history of the club of amplified attention.

      Also at this year's Golden Globe Awards, Ramos and Cross also nominated best eleven FIFA lineup. James will be a symbol of the best goals of the year Puskas Award in the bag. The FIFA 16 team Coach Carlo Ancelotti finished second in the voting for the best coach in the world.
    • The evil sinister Rebus has trapped the Myth Makers

    • Posted by rsmoneyshop on 18 Sep 15
    • Collect bear medals, Cheap FIFA 16 Coins other rewards and items to use in the Build-A-Bear Workshop.Choose from more than 80 items available to buy for your furry friend!Natural and innovative gameplay that takes fulladvantage of the unique features of the Nintendo Wii.

      The evil sinister Rebus has trapped the Myth Makers in the Orbs of Doom; you must complete his mind boggling challenges in order to save them. This quest will test your skill, tax your mind and your nerve as you balance your way through a mixture of twisty bends.

      Narrow ledges and peculiar obstacles Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom provides madcap fun using a tilt control method, designed to fit the gestures and hand motions of the Wii Remote.
    • Ronaldo was nearly six 28 shoot the cheap fifa coins ball

    • Posted by fifaber on 17 Sep 15
    • The preliminary Portugal 1-0 win cheap fifa coins over Albania, cristiano ronaldo continue his goal drought. Starting from July 27 international champions league clash with inter milan, cristiano ronaldo on behalf of real Madrid and Portugal all competitions six wars to crop failures, in a rare goal drought. This one and half months, cristiano ronaldo 28 shots in game 6, 18 times on target, cristiano ronaldo for the "shooting star". A series of data also showed that cristiano ronaldo played more and more like center. The Spanish in the first two rounds, real Madrid 0-0 BeiXiHong athletics, 5-0 win betis, ronaldo, completed a total of 16 shots, become the Spanish king "shot", bear than 10 shots, J of the 5 shots of combined, however, is the goal.

      Back in Portugal, losing 1-0 to France in the warm-up, cristiano ronaldo 2 1st shots on target, Cristiano ronaldo 1-0 win Albania, 3 shots on target three times, but he's no score. Against inter on inter milan champions league warm-up, four shots on target 3, 3 shot two are against milan. Six games together, cristiano ronaldo 28 shots, shot is 18 times, just couldn't score!

      2015-16 la liga season, cristiano ronaldo is also struggling to find a state, 16 shots team-high, nine shot is also far higher than other teammates. Although many sources said at the beginning of the season and cristiano ronaldo will change to the new season to play center, benitez or put him in the familiar with the location of the left. But a series of Fifa 16 Coins data show that cristiano ronaldo is becoming more and more like pure 9, for the team's offensive participation and influence weakened.

      The former real Madrid coach carlo ancelotti, backed cristiano ronaldo will be on the right track. Santos said: "cristiano ronaldo to 50 goals in a season, his goals will come. Sometimes his anxiety, leads to delayed their arrival, but he would break out. " Ancelotti also believes that cristiano ronaldo will continue to be a 2015-16 la liga season award. Before benitez, the question is how to ensure that real Madrid victory, on the basis of cristiano ronaldo as soon as possible out of the goal drought. Otherwise, time grows, cristiano ronaldo to benitez accumulate deeper resentment.
    • The Forbes list of sports value on fifa 16 comfort trade

    • Posted by fifaber on 17 Sep 15
    • Famous Forbes magazine recently fifa 16 comfort trade published a list of the latest issue of the value of sports teams around the world, the United States Dallas cowboys NFL team for 2. 59 billion pounds at the top of the list, the value of football teams, Spanish giants real Madrid to the value of 2. 11 billion pounds in second place, Barcelona and Manchester united for 2. 05 billion pounds and 2. 01 billion pounds respectively separated SiWuWei (don't consider the factor of parallel). The three teams and only three rounding out the top ten football team.

      Forbes magazine regularly to the value of sports teams around the world, in July of this year's ranking, Spanish giants real Madrid is the world's most valuable sports team, but in September, ranked in the latest issue of the Milky Way battleship but lost value for the first team to the top of the world, but the real Madrid still was second with 2. 11 billion pounds, and ranked first in the football club.

      In the value of sports teams ranking of the top ten list, the NFL teams and NBA basketball team has become a big winner, among them there are seven NFL team selected, and there are two NBA teams selected, due to the existence of the same value, because this is in the list of top ten teams actually thirteen.

      Football club of three teams rounding out the top 10 list. Ranking the first double in addition to real Madrid, Barcelona from la liga with 2. 05 billion pounds worth of the fourth largest in the world (don't consider the factor of parallel), and Manchester united from the premier league is ranked fifth in the gap for 040 million pounds. If you're a Fifa game player, you should't want to miss Fifa Coins on
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    • Posted by colarsy on 17 Sep 15
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