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    • Warren the cat

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 10 Jun 11
    • I named the stray I'm taking care of Warren. After mr. Ellis. He's a good cat. Cranky old gray Tom with ink black stripes. He hates kids, but if you treat him well and don't crowd him, he's a sweet cat. Especially considering he was dumped 5 or so years ago.

      Warren- kitty is being fed until he's not so scrawny ( progress is being made on this. I can no longer so easily count his ribs (including the old busted ones) with a light touch), tamed down and used to contact (he's still a bit shy, but when he has bad days from being out fighting other kitties, he's a total cuddle baby).

      Supposedly a neighbor is going to take him in, and once they do, my work will be done. Right now it's just waiting for the local game of telephone to get to the neighbor, so she knows the tom's history and that he doesn't have an owner, and yes, nobody will care if she takes him in,gets him his shots & fixed.

      Not sure how the neighborhood kitty drama will go with him once he's fixed. But not having to deal with sad, bloody kitty after fights would definitely be a good thing IMHO.


      Warrenkitty hates mondays.
    • Daily Zombie Blog

    • Posted by Dave Jones on 4 Jun 11
    • Hey all I just thought i would let everyone know that I have just started a blog website following myself in a fictional scenario if we had an actual zombie outbreak. I will be updating it every day with posts, photoshopped images, and cleverly edited videos to tie in with the illusion that I am actually a survivor in an apocalypse. I know its a bit cheesy and maybe a bit silly, however there is a huge fanbase for this sort of thing and i think a lot of people may appreciate it. So far we are on day 1 of the outbreak and there is nothing really hardcore going on, just the discovery of a new bird flu. Some of the text is clickable and it takes you to other websites that tie in with what is going on. For instance i explain that birds started falling out the sky and bird flu is a suspect. Both of the links will take you to factual website explaining everything you need to know about dead birds and bird flu. Not only is this educational, but in some cases it will frightenly tie in very convincingly with the story.

      Anyhow you get the idea, i want to try and get this viral if possible, its all new and early days yet but have a look and see if we can get it noticed

      Oh by the way i welcome any feedback, comments or potential things you would like to see as this blog progresses into "walking dead" anarchy.
    • Skulls

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 23 May 11
    • I'm really enjoying Warren's instagrams of skulls today.
      Makes me feel a little less odd for my own photos of my new raccoon skull, my doe skull or my fake human skully dude halloween prop. I even have a partial fox skull in my bedroom at mom's.

      Other People think strange things are Neat, Too!
      Woo :D

      How many others here have a skull or two or so about their house?
    • Alcoholism, and loved ones

    • Posted by government spy on 14 May 11
    • Does anyone have any advice for dealing with a loved one, especially a significant other, who is fighting with alcoholism?

      My girlfriend of the past 3+ years is trying to quit drinking. She had a period of sobriety years ago, before we met, she was sober for about 5 or 6 years, and has told me that going to AA did not help her.

      Over the past couple weeks, things got pretty bad; ultimately she got pretty drunk and fell into a glass-framed painting and got cut up pretty bad. I had to hold her down and remove glass shards from her behind while she was trying to attack me, not understanding that I was helping her. After she sobered up, we had a long talk, and she's decided she has to quit drinking. She let me know some of her secrets, when I'm away at work, she's stumbling drunk by 10am. I know she's having a hard time quitting. It seems like there's two people fighting for dominance in there. One, who knows this has gone on too far, and the other, who just wants to drink and wants everyone else out of her way.

      From what I understand, due to chemical dependency, cold turkey is not an option. I also read that I cannot attempt to control her, stop her from drinking even though it's "trying to help" because I'm removing her responsibility for her own actions and treating her like a child.

      I've considered going to Al-Anon, but I'm not a fan of the twelve-step "not in control of my behavior, begging the higher power for help" program.

      I guess I just want to know if anyone else out here in Whitechapel has been through anything similar, or has any advice (telling her to leave, or me leaving her isn't an option, yet. Not willing to end this relationship over this, yet).
    • Woots!

    • Posted by RenThing on 27 Apr 11
    • My short story "Toll Booth" has been sold to the Space Tramps: Full Throttle Space Tales #5 anthology. I'm especially pleased because this was an invite-only anthology, I'm working again with the editor who published my first story, and I'll be appearing alongside one of my good friends from college who's a much better than I.
    • iPad Photography

    • Posted by Rootfireember on 26 Apr 11
    • pics

      I've read several articles on how you shouldn't take pics with the ipad, because the camera sucks, doesn't have a shitfuckton of megapixels, detachable lenses, a dog and pony show, etc. Added to this, in an almost sing-song fashion, is how silly you will look while doing it.

      My response? Fuck that shit. It has a camera, and I will use it, even if it isn't a $6k DSLR with Eye-fi and a trained monkey to run it while I sip martinis from the balcony of some sea-side resort. It's a camera. It takes pictures. It's not the best, but it's what I have to work with.

      If I look silly? Who cares. I'm doing what I enjoy, and having fun.
      Besides, I don't think all the pics I take look like utter shit, and editing them on the ipad is also

      If you're worried about breakage from dropping your ipad, there are cases and latches you can get to keep your ipad from wandering away or falling, or to protect it in case of such an accident.

      Yeh, I felt a need to rant. You have an ipad? Do with it what you want!
    • Dying is easy, comedy is hard.

    • Posted by joshdahl on 9 Apr 11
    • Apparently there is some debate about who actually said that. It was someone funny and someone dying.
      I knew from a book a Batman/Joker short stories that came out around the time of the Michael Keaton Batman movie.

      Point is… I cannot personally confirm the first part (except to note all the really incompetent people who have manged to pull off dying) but I can certainly confirm the second part.

      The new script that I am working on is my comedy issue.
      Now I have written funny scenes before. I have written jokes before. I have done stand-up comedy…..and killed! I am pretty funny. But writing a comedy story is really hard.

      Individual jokes and funny characters aren’t that hard to do. The challenge is keeping it within the story that I am already telling. Which, thus far, has not been intended as a comedy. I am trying to draw situational comedy out of the characters that I have already created. It would be easy, cheap, and not very funny to simply bring some weird character who either makes jokes or is the butt of them. Instead, I have to let my characters interact and draw out the humor in what they are doing.

      This is the least confident I have been in the course of this entire project.

      As a note of encouragement, as I began to write this “poor me” post cable TV saw fit to start showing the Bewitched movie. A bunch of people who do comedy for a living spent weeks and months of their lives trying to make a funny movie…. and essentially failed. And while that is more scary than encouraging, it does support my initial point… comedy is hard.