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    • in terms of physical or revolutionary space

    • Posted by antistigma on 6 Feb 11
    • if the benchmark on the yardstick of success in society is divided by units that are increments of dollar amounts, if earthquakes are measured on richter scales as opposed to some greater seismological force that serves to be a causative agent that can move tectonic plates, if we can only see synthetic life as being successful in terms of how human it seems when humans are essentially imperfections dithered down by years of genepool pollution and wading in a soup of chemicals and noise that has blotted out our access to our own physiological development, if self-aware machines are only created to mimic our behavior and our faults, if we judge anything beyond the fourth dimension of time as only being relative or "useful" in relation to our "fixed" or "static" world when there are dimensions beyond that are fundamentally beyond our understanding, if alien intelligence is only perceived as a resource to plunder and rape and pillage the same way invaders treated the native americans, if human cloning and human clone trafficking becomes an industry rife with corruption, prostitution and forced labor without the consideration of posthuman rights, if a country's strength is only determined in the number of nuclear weapons they can manufacture, if practical fusion reactors replace incinerators only to become a dry breast for a young world with an unending appetite for energy, for power, for dominance, if superconductors intended to end the global lack of a renewable, sustainable energy supply are bought and sold to the highest bidder who will only divide and conquer people and distribute the right to a better future based on political alignment or religious following or social class or barbaric tribalism, if an extinction level event looms over the public's head but is always deemed as information to be disseminated on a need to know basis, if a viral pandemic's damage is first and foremost considered in terms of economic impact and financial implications as opposed to human suffering, if the only thing standing to reshape the world is the rising seas occurring due to polar meltdown and unavoidable storm surges....

      if all of these things are true, then any time spent thinking forward in space-time is time well spent.
    • Pre-show Jitters

    • Posted by John Skylar on 3 Feb 11
    • So, of late I've been doing this discussion series. Early on I got some advice from some Whitechapel folks about it, and I posted the first meeting's info here a bit ago.

      This isn't about the event, except that I'm starting to get some preflight worries about it.

      I've got to lead a discussion, in a public place, about advertising, with several people in the audience who are experts on advertising and marketing. A lot of the RSVPs are people I don't know at all.

      I'm starting to feel like I'm gonna be out of my depth. I know a lot of random shit, and I'm pretty articulate, and that's usually enough, but this is the big leagues. If somebody is unhappy, or if the owner of the venue is unhappy, it could stick what I'm trying to do with my organization into the icebox for a long time yet.

      I give talks on a semi-regular basis about facts I've discovered myself, and that's hard enough. Here I've got to talk about something that I've got an armchair understanding of, but it's mostly audience-driven discussion where I'm just the guy tying it all together.

      Still, jitters. Any advice, kind folk of the Internet?
    • Return of the Industry Dinner!

    • Posted by stsparky on 26 Jan 11
    • David does these dinners — he was an editor at Disney for their old in house comics back in the day.

      Comics industry dinner returns this Thursday!

      WHEN: Thursday, January 27, 7:00 p.m.

      WHERE: Junior's Deli, 2379 Westwood Boulevard in Westwood, near the intersection of the 10 and 405 freeways.

      WHAT we'll discuss:
      Local publishers -- Top Cow, Bongo, Tokyopop, and other comic-book and graphic-novel publishers based in southern California (including DC's move out here)

      With Disney's ownership of Marvel and Warner Bros. moving some DC Comics operations out to Burbank, is the center of comics-industry power shifting to L.A.? And if it is, what kind of creative and business opportunities is it bringing our way? A lot of us know bits and pieces of the answer to these questions, so come swap insights with colleagues for a prosperous 2011.

      About the comics dinner: Held on the last Thursday of the month, it’s for anyone who's worked in comic books or graphic novels: artists, retailers, publishers, printers, teachers, writers, librarians, editors, everyone. (No fans or wannabes, though. This is just for the industry.) There’s no formal agenda; we eat, drink, trade news and gossip, show off new work, and so on. People have built friendships and business deals after meeting at the dinners. If you’ve got announcements or questions for your colleagues, bring them. Someone’s bound to be interested.

      Let me know if you'll come. If you show up without RSVPing, we won't toss you out, but I need an idea of how many people we'll get. I'm at ...
    • I don't get me

    • Posted by RenThing on 26 Jan 11
    • Monday night I had two bottles of beer, nine hours of sleep, and woke up on Tuesday feeling like if I could decimate the planet it would be a good start.

      Last night I had no booze, four hours of sleep, and woke up feeling like I should be skipping along whilst singing "LIFE IS AWESOME AND FU IF YOU DON'T THINK SO!"

      Some days I don't get me.
    • I admit, I LOLed

    • Posted by RenThing on 25 Jan 11
    • Warren's latest post about people wanting NSFW tags on photos and the lack of such requests when it's photos of naked Katie West was awesome.

      Embrace the Batcock needs to be the title of a punk album.
    • Rachael Rants! Cars, College, Commuting, Kindness, Sickness, Psychology

    • Posted by Rachæl Tyrell on 22 Jan 11
    • Because I rant on those SNOM threads waaaaay too much, I'll do it here.

      Yes, I'm going to school. Full time, even. This is perhaps not a good idea, and not just because I have to transfer from bus to train to Paterson (a notorious dangerous shithole) to get to my University.

      My Lyme Disease brain swelling headache of doom is returning with a growing vengance of perpetuity. Sure, I've been taking two different antibiotics twice a day for six months now, but they only work for so long before the virus grows a resistance and fights back, and you've got to switch pills. Or get an IV. I've run out of one of the meds, the lack of which is kicking my head even further into a poundy state. I tried to get the prescription filled, but for one month supply of antibiotics while not having coverage, they'd asked me to pay $260.

      (My school forces me into crappy medical coverage plan, but it's not kicked in yet, I suppose.)

      My commute, to travel just 35 miles away, is a 3-4 hour trek. A mile walk to the train towards NYC, to then transfer to a different train away from NYC, to a bus. The bus stops running at 10, so to get home, I've got to take a bus to Manhattan, and then walk 8 blocks through midtown to the train station to get home.

      Google maps tells me that it'd take less time to travel by bicycle. Christ.

      But it's not really even a matter of the time that it takes. I'm patient when it comes to public transport, really. It's the physical exertion and being upright for so long making my head go 'splody. Also, it's fucking expensive. It's between $25-$35 each day I trek to school. That's nearly $300 a month! Therefore, I'm looking into buying a car with all that Federal loan money I'll be getting soon. I'm also looking on craigslist to see if I can hire someone to drive me to classes, as well as hiring/barthering an auto-literate man to go with me to look at cars.

      This might all fuck up my attempts at Federal Disability. I hope not. Six months ago, I asked my caseworker how I could switch from Unemployment to Temporary State Disability. I wanted the health coverage. There's a specialist in Princeton I need to see that ONLY takes medicaid and medicare. My caseworker told me I'd make half the money, and that instead I should keep my unemployment until I ran out in a few months, be only breifly without coverage, and then switch. OK.

      Unemployment has not run out yet, but I don't care about the money, I just want to see doctors. My head is exploding. So, this week, I'd gone to Unemployment to ask them about getting on state Disability.

      They told me I'd been on Unemployment too long, and no longer qualified. Then they canceled my Unemployment because if I was unable to work that meant I wasn't looking for work.

      I then went to Financial Aid at my university and asked them about if student loans will fuck my disability claim. They didn't know, and sent me to Student Services.

      Student Services didn't know, but the lady DID tell me TO MY FUCKING FACE that she didn't believe that people who can handle going to school should be able to get Disability.

      Now, through school, it's mandatory that I go on their plan, or prove that I'm already on a plan of equivalence. So I have coverage, but it's really crappy. Also, there's no dental, and I've got at least one tooth that will probably rot out of my head in the next year. I've already got one missing tooth, I don't want another. Whatever makes my spine and joints crap is likley effecting my teeth. At my last dentist visit 6 years ago, I needed something like 24 cavaties filled.

      It's not all bad, though. I'll be getting enough in student loans to either get a car, move out, or maybe even do BOTH. If my disability DOES go through, I'll have the peace of mind to know that if I continue to worsen, my student loans will be severely reduced or "forgiven".

      Also... Two men helped me find a cab when I arrived in Paterson; a cab driver charged me half price; another man brought me to my bus stop and walked me from the bus to my train; a train conductor let me ride for free instead of charging me the on-train fee.

      And... the Photography I professor, after looking at my website, changed her mind about suggesting I take the prerequisite courses and invited me to her class.

      I've successfully kept it quiet that I'm going to school, and family is unaware. Hopefull I can slip away like the fuck up they think I am, and then kick some ass.

      It's a shame how well spite works as a motivator in my life.


      I'd emailed my psychologist. Since I'll be going to school full time I'll have coverage, and my psychologist takes this new coverage of mine. I also asked him to fill out the form that would allow me to get a discounted rate on NJ Transit for disabilities. I mentioned to him the arduous journey it was, taking 3 hours each way, and how VERY fucking expensive. About $30 a day. I added that I hoped this experience of going to school wasn't going to make me lose my shit.

      His response:

      If you stick with this plan, you WILL lose your shit, and it won't take long. It is preposterous for anyone to do such a commute, much less you, with your assorted issues. It is NOT in your best interests, despite a few "positive" things that could come of it. For the sake of your overall health, and your psychological health in particular, I recommend against it. You would need to step up all efforts to find a ride to make it remotely feasible. How about any other schools to attend?
    • Who's Been Tumbl'd?

    • Posted by The Gentleman Mummy on 22 Jan 11
    • I've recently become one with the spongy white internet demigod of communicative blogging and re-blogging. I'll mostly be using it to do something constructive with my internet addiction and get doodles and drawings online. there any particular page or pages within the great Tumbularity that anyone can recommend?